• Good Intro to Equine Science Unit

    I use this unit as an intro to equine with my freshman/intro to ag students.
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  • Does anyone have a webquest for middle school animal science?

    Looking for a webquest that middle school can do.
    Jessica Grubbs
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  • Ruminant Digestive Lab Sensory Experience.docx

    Ruminant DIgestion Lab   I just got done doing this lab with my students this week and they LOVED it!  Some of them were so grossed out which made it a bit more fun!
    Kelsey Carlson
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  • Virtual Farm Tours

    Hello Everyone,   Here is a link to access Virtual Farm Tours. The videos are based from Canada information but it is still good information and videos: Virtual Farm Tour   I have done the Dairy and Sheep tours. I...
    Sara Colombe
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  • Meat Cuts - please help provide feedback on most important meat cuts, take this survey and get a $5 Amazon gift card

    I am looking for some feedback on the most important beef cuts and pork cuts that you teach in your classes. If you could take this 5 minute survey to help me understand what you teach most I will send you $5 Amazon g...
    Jamey McIntosh
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  • Temple Grandin Movie Study Guide

    Does anyone that shows the movie "Temple Grandin" have a study guide that they use for it?
    John Daniels
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  • Rabbit dissection journals

    I'm teaching an animal science class with a dissection component. Does anyone else dissect rabbits? What do you use for a lab journal?
    Rose Hartschuh
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  • Livestock terminology resources

      I have neat way (I think so anyway!) of teaching common livestock terminology to 8th graders/freshmen.  I realized earlier this year that perhaps not all students know simple livestock terminology. I realized this ...
    Joey Blackburn
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  • Grading Livestock Lesson Plans?

    Does anyone happen to have a lesson plan or activities that help teach livestock grading to high school students?  In my ANS 1 class we do a unit on Beef Quality & Yield Grades, Feeder Steer & Heifer Grades, Slaughter...
    Laura Parker
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  • grade break down

    Hello!   Our school is looking at revising the grade breakdown for marking period grades (i.e. the percentage of what the components count) .  Can everyone give input on what your current breakdown is?   Thank you s...
    Taryn Romanczak
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  • Beef Grading

    This is a basic lesson taught over the basics of Beef quality grading.
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Teaching Genetics with Marshmallows -- REBOPS lab -- instructors worksheet

    This lesson, submitted by Tracy Harper of Wisconsin, won the 2008 NAAE Region III Ideas Unliimited Award for an innovative classroom idea. It teaches about genetics using marshmallow animals called Rebops. Students de...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Human Reproduction Vs Other Mammal Reproduction.docx

    I was needing activities for my high school animal science students to do for two days in a row because I had two days of training and such in a row. I had only been into my reproduction unit for about 3 days so this ...
    Amanda Mullins
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  • Small Animal Care Rubric

    Like many ag departments, I am allowed to have some small animals (guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets) to provide hands-on experiences.  Does anyone have a grading rubric/scoring guide they use as part of the student's par...
    Dianna Jarema
    created by Dianna Jarema
  • Meat Pen Rabbits

    I'm looking for information to give to my students about raising Meat Pen rabbits for local, county and state fairs.  When they should breed the does?  What should be the goal weight your rabbits should weigh by the f...
    Craig Micheal Zwahlen
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  • Class Pets

    I have 2 guinea pigs as class pets.  Students have been asking to take them home over the weekends and school breaks.  Does anyone have a policy, tips, or pros/cons for allowing students to take home class pets? 
    Tiffany Walters
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  • How do you teach therapy animals

    Hello All,   I'm looking to add some more content to my Small Animal Science class. How do you teach therapy animals to your small animal science class? I'm hoping to add more than just a video on therapy animals.   ...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Breeds of Rabbits

    Worksheet about rabbit breeds again could use textbook or internet.
    Amanda Mullins
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  • Reading a medicine label

    Hello, I am preparing to teach a lesson on livestock medications. I was wondering if there is any suggestions available to help me put together a lesson plan and activity on this subject? What I have in mind is to p...
    Jaimie Varnedore
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  • Ear Tagging & Tattooing Practicum

    Can't get to a real farm to practice basic ear tagging or tattooing? Use this worksheet to actually allow students to use tagging & tattooing equipment!
    Darla Romberger
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