• Equine Science help

    Hi : I am new to teaching . I am teaching Animal Science as well as Equine Science. I would sincerely appreciate any help. Thanks so much Hannah
    Hannah Wells Fortier
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  • veterinary facility project

    Hello-   I am working on developing a project for my students to compare and contrast three major equine surgical facilities we have visited in the past couple months.   I am going to have them work in groups to cre...
    Taryn Romanczak
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  • Basic Color Genetics

    Hi! I'm teaching Equine Science I for the first time this coming school year and I'm looking forward to it! I'm working on lesson plans now and I'm stumped on what kind of activity to do after I present information o...
    Shelley Armour
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  • Horse Judging

    So I have been using the Communities of Practice a lot and thought that I could contribute something.    I am a big horse judger my self and am always encouraging my students to try it.  I try and have a team or two...
    tessa gamble
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  • Horse breeds test

    Does anyone have a horse breeds test that I can borrow? I used to have one, and now I can't find it!
    Rebecca Cox
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  • Class Project - Mailing Horse Breed Associations

    I'm sure many of you already may use this activity with your students, but for those of you who don't, I just wanted to pass on a successful lesson with Horse Breeds that I used with my 8th Grade Exploring the World o...
    Robin McLean
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  • Intro Activities/Survey for Equine Science Class

    Hey Guys! I am teaching an Equine Science class for the first time this year, and I am looking for something to do on the first day of class. School starts in 2 days so anything that you could share would be extremely...
    Frannie Pena
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  • In desperate need of lessons and or curriculum

    I will be student teaching in three weeks and I need some lessons, information or curriculum for my Horse and Horsemanship course. I will have to teach in the following areas: Anatomy and Physiology (internal and exte...
    Ethan Lewis
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  • Does anyone make a model digestive tract with various look alike items?

    I looking for a list of supplies that are used to reconstruct the digestive tract of the horse with various equipment that could be purchased at a local hardware store.
    Jen Cushman
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  • Looking for Worksheet for Secretariat movie

    Does anyone have a worksheet they'd be willing to share for the Secretariat movie?
    Andrew Fritsch
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  • Horse -- Semester/Quarter Outline

    I am a brand new teacher and the school I will be teaching at has added Horse I and  Horse II, both semester long classes. For those of you who teach a similar class, I am wondering if you could provide semester or qu...
    Kristen W
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  • Does anyone have podcasting resources for Horse Judging CDE's?

    After recently driving a group of my students to a Horse Judging Contest I realized if they weren't talking or eating they were listening to their Ipods, so I got to thinking why not use this to review for the contes...
    Henry Paris
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  • Horse Conformation/Judging

    I will be covering horse conformation and judging the next couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any information and presenting this material.   Thanks!
    Rachel Erickson
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  • Story of Sgt Reckless

    Have you ever heard of Sgt. Reckless?  This might be something to share with your students...http://www.sgtreckless.com/Reckless/Welcome.html
    Charles Casada
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  • Here are some resources on Horses

    I have a lot more!!!
    Allen Nasworthy
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  • Horse Ration Balancing Software

    Is anyone using a program for teaching students about ration balancing software? Least cost rations etc.
    Jen Cushman
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  • Equine Parasite Activities

    When I was in high school, I went to the State 4-H Equine camp-thing.  One of the teachers had us do an activity where we collected fecal matter, then brought it into a lab and soaked it (not sure what liquid we used)...
    Melanie Bloom
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  • "Foaling Your Mare."

    I have a video titled, "Folaing Your mare."  It was produced by Hemlock Brook Farm Miniatures.  Does anyone use this, and have a video worksheet for it?
    Heather Anderson
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  • Oral Reasons

    Does anyone have any tips for teaching students oral reasons? Any powerpoints or outlines would be greatly appreciated.
    Jen Cushman
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  • Integrating the Kentucky Derby into your Equine Curriculum

    The greatest horse race is occuring this weekend on May 3rd, the 134th Kentucky Derby also known as "The Run for the Roses". This would be a great time to discuss the history of horse racing in your class. Here are so...
    Alissa Smith
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