• Genetic Engineering

    Hello,   I am looking for a lesson on genetic engineering.  I would also like students to debate the topic, does anyone have any good guidelines?   Thank you!
    Brooke Head
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  • Grooming Supply List

    New animal grooming program starting next year.   I have to complete a grant in just a few days asking for new equipment and supplies.   Can anyone supply me with a list of goods/products I need to be requesting? ...
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  • Animal Science Community Update

    Welcome back to the Animal Science community! I'm creating this post from a mobile device and can't wait to explore CoP from my phone. A few updates to share about this community- 1. Vet Science has been made a stand...
    Darla Romberger
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  • Rabies Song

    So I had my students present projects on animal diseases today. One of my students found this awesome song on youtube so I thought I'd share! If it doesn't pull up search "Rabies Song" and it is the one that says "Rab...
    Amber Latiolais Withers
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  • Grooming SOP

    Here is the grooming SOP
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Dog Unit

    Dog Unit goes with Warren Small Animal Textbook
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Class Pets 101

    I have received several requests for class pet materials here are some to help!
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • grooming?

    Does anyone have any lessons/resources for dog grooming, including clipping? Thanks Jessie
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Building a small animal lab

    I am looking to build a small animal lab in a corner of my shop. The area is climate controled already so that isnt a problem. I am looking for idea, and suggestion! Pictures of your current labs would be a lot of hel...
    Chris Martin
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  • Make an egg candler for less than $2

    I thought about this while walking around Walmart last night, it's a real cheap way to make an egg candler with a few bits and pieces.   Supplies: $1.00 flashlight from the camping section $1.97/2 pack 1 1/8" rubbe...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Ag law?

    Does anyone have any ag law materials including housing requirements for different animals from the USDA, waste removal guidelines,etc?   Thanks Jessie
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Feed Composition Table

    I'm doing a lab on reading feed labels and I think it would be a really neat idea to have students look up what is in each ingredient. So for instance, how much Crude Protein, Crude Fiber or Total Digestible Nutrient ...
    Steve Lammers
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  • Classroom Animal Sitter Permission Form

    This is a spin-off from the pet visit permission form that I found on here last year (Thanks Stacy!)   My students bring home some of the animals during holidays and that has always been a positive experience but last...
    Melanie Berndtson
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  • Animal Habitat Activity

    I wanted to share an easy and fun activity I did with my animal science class recently during our small animal unit. We were talking about the proper habitat and environment for small pets including hamsters, rabbits ...
    Jason Kaare
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  • Vet Bills?  Feeding Costs?

    If you have in class animals in small animal care or other classes, where should the funds for feed and vet bills come from?   In this day of budget crises and such it seems many of us are spending the money out of o...
    Heidi Davis
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  • Pet Holiday Classroom Activities

    I found these dates for 2010 for Pets.  Some of them may be Kentucky specific, I really don't know.  Does anyone do anything related to this special "holdiays" in class with small animal? January 14-National Dress-Up...
    Alissa Smith
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  • Summer Safety Tips & Disaster Checklist

    Useful for teaching small animal care.
    Charles Casada
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  • Need help with Birds and ornamental fish activities!

    Good morning   I am doing a 2 units one on birds and one on ornamental fish in my animal health class. I am looking for activities for them to do but not finding much that is working. Any help is greatly appreciated....
    Kirk Kramp
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  • Pet First Aid & Disaster Response

    Hurricane Gustav reminded me of a resource that you may find useful…“Pet First Aid & Disaster Response Guide” The cost is $14.95 and the proceeds support critical disaster preparedness and response effort...
    Charles Casada
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  • What to do with Old Magazines?

    I have a lot of old cat and dog fancy magazines. I am teaching a small animal class and am looking for an idea for a project, where they can cut them up and use the pics from them. However, I am looking for more than ...
    Tera Harlow
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