• Swine Unit Plans and Materials

    Attached are unit plans and materials for a three week swine unit. I have used this information for a 10-12th grade animal science course. I do think it would be appropriate for 9th graders as well. All notes and info...
    Steve Lammers
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  • Equine Unit-Link Edited

    I have an Equine Unit that I'm willing to share. If you click on the link, it will load in google drive and you can download the entire file or move to your own google drive account. It includes several items, but thi...
    Carlee Dittemore
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  • Production Animal Science

    I teach a production animal science class and am having a hard time finding appropriate resources.  I am having to piece together too much and feel that I am missing something all the time.  Does anyone have any resou...
    Angie Pommerening
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  • Animal System Career Lessons

    Hello Everyone,   Are you teaching Animal Science or Advance Animal Science this semester? Check out this NEW Animal Systems Careers-Lesson Series!!! The six lesson plan series offered on AgExplorer under Educator Res...
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • Equine Evolution

    While looking for a way to introduce the way horses have evolved over time I stumbled across this video the first half of the video is focused on the evolution based off fossils that have been found and the second hal...
    Emily Taylor
    created by Emily Taylor
  • Virtual Farm Tours

    Hello Everyone,   Here is a link to access Virtual Farm Tours. The videos are based from Canada information but it is still good information and videos: Virtual Farm Tour   I have done the Dairy and Sheep tours. I...
    Sara Colombe
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  • Temple Grandin Movie Study Guide

    Does anyone that shows the movie "Temple Grandin" have a study guide that they use for it?
    John Daniels
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  • Livestock terminology resources

      I have neat way (I think so anyway!) of teaching common livestock terminology to 8th graders/freshmen.  I realized earlier this year that perhaps not all students know simple livestock terminology. I realized this ...
    Joey Blackburn
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  • Small Animal Care Rubric

    Like many ag departments, I am allowed to have some small animals (guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets) to provide hands-on experiences.  Does anyone have a grading rubric/scoring guide they use as part of the student's par...
    Dianna Jarema
    created by Dianna Jarema
  • Meat Pen Rabbits

    I'm looking for information to give to my students about raising Meat Pen rabbits for local, county and state fairs.  When they should breed the does?  What should be the goal weight your rabbits should weigh by the f...
    Craig Micheal Zwahlen
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  • Reading a medicine label

    Hello, I am preparing to teach a lesson on livestock medications. I was wondering if there is any suggestions available to help me put together a lesson plan and activity on this subject? What I have in mind is to p...
    Jaimie Varnedore
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  • Teaching Small Animal

    I'm teaching small animal at my first year at a new school, I don't think they've had it here before. Anyway, I was just kind of wondering a few things about people who do teach small animal. Are live animals necessar...
    Katie Mouton
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  • Feed Rations Lab - Pearson Square Practice

    got the initial idea from a post on here. Tweaked it to fix my needs. Basically i use cereals/ candy as the feeds. (I assign them after the students complete the punnett square so they don't get to choose the treats t...
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  • Keeping Chickens in School

    Has anyone had live birds in school? I am going to get them as chicks and raise them for two months for a science/ag class. I will have them in my mechanics/metals lab. I know the basics of chicken housing and I have ...
    Josh Barron
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  • Animal Rights/Welfare topics

    I would like to do an activity in my Intro class about animal rights/welfare. I wanted to give groups a reading about a hot topic in the animal industries and have them discuss and present to the class what they think...
    Carlie Bossard
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  • Buck Video Worksheet

    Does anyone have a video worksheet for the movie Buck?
    Frannie Pena
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  • Animal Health & Management Unit

    I am working on my next unit, Animal Health & Management.  Does anyone have any good activities/projects associated with this unit?   Thanks!
    Heather Hill
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  • Chance to Win $100 Amazon Gift Card: What Resources Do You Use in Your Classroom?

    The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor is interested in getting feedback from agriculture teachers about the materials that are available for them to use in their classroom, and find out what types of content would be...
    Julie Fritsch
    created by Julie Fritsch
  • Final Animal Science project?

    Anyone have something they would like to share.  I'm leaning towards doing this instead of an exam.  TIA....
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • icev certifications

    Hello!   Does anyone on here have experience with iCEV online certifications?  I was looking for more information on the Fundamentals of Animal Science Certification they offer.  There is not much information out the...
    Taryn Romanczak
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