• Traveling With Pets lesson

    If you're in need of a small safety lesson for your Small Animal/Companion Animal classes, I came up with one on the fly today. (You know, one of those days where you change your mind at the last second and still some...
    Julie Fritsch
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    Jamey Jo Steele
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  • Equine Coat Color Genetics Activity.docx

    Equine Coat Color Genetics Activity
    Natalie Utsch
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  • Blank Ear Tags with table markers for beef breeds

     For my animal science unit I am covering beef breeds and though it would be a neat idea to give kids ear tags with the name of the breed on it to match a table marker. I have attached a sheet of blank ear tags and a ...
    Corey Alleman
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  • Equine Evolution.ppt

    This is inquiry based...so may be a bit confusing to teach. Please contact me at alammima@dcsd.k12.nv.us with questions. The body types powerpoint follows this one. I will add it next.
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Good Intro to Equine Science Unit

    I use this unit as an intro to equine with my freshman/intro to ag students.
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  • Ruminant Digestive Lab Sensory Experience.docx

    Ruminant DIgestion Lab   I just got done doing this lab with my students this week and they LOVED it!  Some of them were so grossed out which made it a bit more fun!
    Kelsey Carlson
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  • Beef Grading

    This is a basic lesson taught over the basics of Beef quality grading.
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Teaching Genetics with Marshmallows -- REBOPS lab -- instructors worksheet

    This lesson, submitted by Tracy Harper of Wisconsin, won the 2008 NAAE Region III Ideas Unliimited Award for an innovative classroom idea. It teaches about genetics using marshmallow animals called Rebops. Students de...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Human Reproduction Vs Other Mammal Reproduction.docx

    I was needing activities for my high school animal science students to do for two days in a row because I had two days of training and such in a row. I had only been into my reproduction unit for about 3 days so this ...
    Amanda Mullins
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  • Beef Primal & Retail ID

    Used about 3 days for this lesson per species.  1. Students find and write retail cuts on each primal cut paper.  2. Use aggiemeat.tamu.edu/4-h-ffa-retail-identification-cuts/ to go through pictures and explain each r...
    Morgan Kowalewski
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  • Breeds of Rabbits

    Worksheet about rabbit breeds again could use textbook or internet.
    Amanda Mullins
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  • Ear Tagging & Tattooing Practicum

    Can't get to a real farm to practice basic ear tagging or tattooing? Use this worksheet to actually allow students to use tagging & tattooing equipment!
    Darla Romberger
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  • Animal Nutrition - Feed Tag Labels

    I made a lab for reading feed tags. It worked rather well, but was a challenge for one teacher to cover 24 students. Perhaps playing around with numbers per group could help? I attached an example label, but I did the...
    Steve Lammers
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  • SACM I - Pet Visit Permission Forms.doc

    Here is the pet permission form that all students must fill out and turn in before the animal will be allowed to visit the classroom.
    Stacy Skemp
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  • Dog myths 2012.pptx

    Use this to talk about dog myths with students in class.  Many students have heard these myths before.
    Stacy Skemp
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  • Tie-Dyed Eggs Lab Procedure.docx

    Jessie Lumpkins
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  • Tie-Dyed Eggs Lab Procedure.pdf

    Jessie Lumpkins
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  • Vet Science Safety/Sanitation Identification

    Hi everyone, I did this with my small animal science class yesterday and they loved it. I set my room up as the "Whitman Vet Clinic" and they had to go around and identify hazard/safety violations in my room. I had a ...
    Carlie Bossard
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  • Famous Dogs.ppt

    Here is a fun resource that I came across and I like to use it to break up a dog breed unit.  The students really enjoy this presentation and after this presentation we discuss other famous dogs that could be added to...
    Stacy Skemp
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