• Small Animals as Pets - Selection

    Attached are the materials I used for a small animals as pets selection lesson.
    Steve Lammers
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  • Cats.ppt

    A general overview of the cat.  Includes:  anatomy, nutrition, training, grooming, and touches on many topics related to cats.
    Stacy Skemp
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  • Birdcareproject.pdf

    I have the students made videos containing all of the information about the bird they are assigned.  Videos are presented to the class.
    Stacy Skemp
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  • Chicken Wing Dissection.doc

    Fun lab to talk about how birds fly, anatomy, and the function of muscles.
    Stacy Skemp
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  • Eyewitness Dogs Video Worksheet.doc

    Eyewitness Dogs Video Worksheet
    Stacy Skemp
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  • Funding for Theapy Animals

    My school would like to incorporate therapy animals into our school on a daily basis. Does anyone know of any sources of funding available for such a program in order to offset costs?
    Kristen Keryk
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  • Modern Marvels Dog Worksheet anyone?

    I like Modern Marvels movies when I am gone as they are good to keep classes busy.  Does anyone have a Modern Marvels Dog Worksheet they are willing to share?
    Jen Westphal
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  • What are some good dog kennels for a small animal lab?

    Does anyone have the Proselect Modular Cage Bank Kennels from Petedge.com? I'm looking for some kennels for my small animal lab and the reviews I've seen aren't really good but, for the price it's hard to pass up on t...
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  • Embryology

    I  have attached an amazing video of chick embryology. My students found it and loved this.
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Rabies Song

    So I had my students present projects on animal diseases today. One of my students found this awesome song on youtube so I thought I'd share! If it doesn't pull up search "Rabies Song" and it is the one that says "Rab...
    Amber Latiolais Withers
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  • Pet/small animal grief unit ideas?

    I teach companion animal biology in a suburban school near Chicago, and I was on my way home from National Convention with some students when I got a call that "Shadow", one of our chinchillas was on his death bed, an...
    Colby Gregg
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  • Grooming SOP

    Here is the grooming SOP
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Dog Unit

    Dog Unit goes with Warren Small Animal Textbook
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Class Pets 101

    I have received several requests for class pet materials here are some to help!
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Marley and Me

    I was thinking about showing the movie Marley and Me in my Small Animal Science class during our dog unit. My question: does anyone/has anyone played Marley and Me to show the difficulties and responsibility of owning...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Small Animal Repro Resources?

    Hello extraordinary Ag teachers out there,   I'm drowning right now...  Can you send me anything you've used in the past related to Small Animal Reproduction...?   Thanks, Jeanna
    Jeanna Burgan
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  • grooming?

    Does anyone have any lessons/resources for dog grooming, including clipping? Thanks Jessie
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Animal Behavior via Dog Training

    Instead of the tradition Animal Behavior unit with livestock and progeny, my Animal Science class of non-agriculture students would like to do something related to dog training. I see great potential in this unit as I...
    Jessica Froelich
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  • Building a small animal lab

    I am looking to build a small animal lab in a corner of my shop. The area is climate controled already so that isnt a problem. I am looking for idea, and suggestion! Pictures of your current labs would be a lot of hel...
    Chris Martin
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  • Make an egg candler for less than $2

    I thought about this while walking around Walmart last night, it's a real cheap way to make an egg candler with a few bits and pieces.   Supplies: $1.00 flashlight from the camping section $1.97/2 pack 1 1/8" rubbe...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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