• Pet Food Label acitivites

    Does anyone have any lessons or activities that cover learning about pet food labels? In my small animals class we are learning about nutrition and instead of just "talking" at the students I want to be more hands on ...
    Linnay Yarger
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  • Reptiles and other exotics?

    Does any one have any worksheets, tests, quizzes, labs, etc for reptiles, amphibians, birds and other exotic pets? Any help would be appreciated because I started an new animal science program and don't have much cur...
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Ag law?

    Does anyone have any ag law materials including housing requirements for different animals from the USDA, waste removal guidelines,etc?   Thanks Jessie
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Feed Composition Table

    I'm doing a lab on reading feed labels and I think it would be a really neat idea to have students look up what is in each ingredient. So for instance, how much Crude Protein, Crude Fiber or Total Digestible Nutrient ...
    Steve Lammers
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  • Classroom Animal Sitter Permission Form

    This is a spin-off from the pet visit permission form that I found on here last year (Thanks Stacy!)   My students bring home some of the animals during holidays and that has always been a positive experience but last...
    Melanie Berndtson
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  • Animal Habitat Activity

    I wanted to share an easy and fun activity I did with my animal science class recently during our small animal unit. We were talking about the proper habitat and environment for small pets including hamsters, rabbits ...
    Jason Kaare
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  • Ideas/Advice for a new small animal/vet sci lab

    Our school was recently condemned due to an earthquake 1 year ago. We are now in the process of rebuilding the entire high school. We have a complete CTE program, with our Ag program consisting of 3 teachers- courses ...
    Kathryn Simunich
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  • Planning a Chicken Flock

    I am in the brainstorming phase of planning to have a chicken flock.   WHAT I AM THINKING IS: Having a flock of up to 8-12 laying hens (starting as chicks, I don't want roosters). They will be divided into four group...
    Jessica Froelich
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  • Video Worksheet from PBS website needed.

    Does anyone have a worksheet for the PBS educational video "Inside Nature's Giants: Big Cats"? I am using this video to supplement evolution in domestic cats today. The students have found it very interesting to learn...
    Kathryn Simunich
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  • Fun Assignments with Dogs

    I am getting ready to start a chapter on dogs. Does anyone have any fun assignments/labs dealing with dogs.
    Sherry Dorrier
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  • Interest Approach Small Animal Care

    I am in need of some interest approach topics and ideas for my Small Animal Care class. I am having a hard time trying to find relevant interest approach ideas.
    Chase Murray
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  • Small Animal Care Powerpoints

    I am teaching a Small Animal Care class for the first time this semester. Can anyone give me some powerpoints that I can base some of mine off of? Thanks
    Chase Murray
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  • Cats

    Does anyone have any powerpoints or activities that they do with cat nutrition?
    Jen Cushman
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  • Paper work for animals in the classroom??

    As I've posted before, I plan to start teaching a Small Animal Care I course this Spring. Once our new school is built-or closer to that time, I will also implement Small Animal Care II and Veterinary Science to our c...
    Kathryn Simunich
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  • Small Animal Technology- Curriculum Question

    I'm gearing up to teach a Small Animal class in the spring.  I've taught this class before, but haven't been happy with it.  I wondered if anyone has ever used the Small Animal Management materials from IMS, and if so...
    Nicki Jones
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  • Small Animal Resources

    Welcome to our Small Animal Resources Document.  You can add resources to this document by using the edit function.  Websites     Information resource on exotic pets and animals -- http://animal-world.com/encyclo/cr...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Companion Animal Unit

    This is a companion animal unit I made for my junior high class. It would also work for a smaller section in an animal science unit.  It covers: an overview of animal science, breeds of dogs, pet ownership, food and n...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Name of Class

    I have heard that calling your small animals course something along the lines of "companion animal science" proves to entice more students. What do you think?
    Hannah  Taylor
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  • ANimal welfare/rights

    I teach a unit on animal rights/animal welfare.  Afterv  viewing videos by different animal rights organizations (PETA, HSUS, STOP CRUELTY),   Although these videos are often shot without permission, our agriculture p...
    Tara Tatalovich
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  • Pet Survey Project?

    Has anyone done a pet survey project for dogs and cats?  If so, I could really use some documents to help me get started.  How do you help students create questions for the survey?  What format do you use?  Thanks.
    Wil Baxley
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