• Articles/Information about careers with sheep and goats

    We just started a new class with our freshman it's an exploratory class covering large animals (sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, horses, cattle).  Our admin wants us to focus on careers in these areas and the informatio...
    Clarice Grima
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  • Market Goat Reference Guide

    Pennsylvania 4-H has an excellent Reference Guide for Market Goats. Go to this link:   http://www.das.psu.edu/pdf/4hmarketgoat.pdf                           This document was generated from the following thread ...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • "Rent A Goat"! Possible SAE Opportunity?

    CNN did a brief news report a few minutes ago about goats being used to clear brush, weeds, etc.  I found it to be interesting so I did a quick web search and found an article at the site below.  HUMMMMMMMMMM!  This m...
    Charles Casada
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  • Animal Science Websites

      Updated 7/11/08    General  http://www.allweathermarker.com/reEducational.aspx  All Weather Marker sponsors free classroom brochures that cover the health and reproductive management of swine and bovine animals...
    Joanne Clevenger
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  • Livestock Curriculum/Lesson Plans

      I am looking for ideas/sample curriculums for a high school livestock curriculum as well as sample lesson plans.                                  
    Jen Cushman
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