• Livestock Facility

    Does anyone have a assignment where they have the kids design and draw out their own livestock facility? I really don't want to reinvent the wheel! Thank you
    Rebecca Cox
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  • beef facilities

    I am working on a beef unit that a sub can teach while I am gone. Now, I don't know about you all, but I cant trust my subs to take roll most of the time so I need something that is fool proof for them to teach while ...
    Cole Andes
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  • Ruminant Digestion Activity.docx

    Hands-on activity demonstrating the digestive tract of ruminant animals. Allows students to really "see" what the digestive tract is without having the actual tract available. Also allows students to extrapolate infor...
    Samantha Marcus
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  • Digestion activity Student Copy.docx

    This is the student hand-out accompanying my lesson plan titled "Ruminant Digestion Activity"
    Samantha Marcus
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  • Interest Approach for Parasites

    I did a lesson recently on the basics of Parasitology. I had a hard time getting the students involved in it. I wasn't very well prepared either. What would be a good interest approach to really get them interested?
    Cheyenne Reid
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  • How do you organize your units (electronically, or hard copy notebooks)?

    I am trying to figure out what is the best way to organize my units....  So I am looking for suggestions cause I have tried several different methods.
    Reta Yanik
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  • Animal Breed Posters

    I am currently looking for high quality animal breed posters for all species.  Anyone know of a good cheapish source?   Thanks!
    Rachel (Garrett) Scior
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  • Production calendar.doc

    Example of the production calendar I had to create for class Science of Animal Husbandry.
    Kellsie Hodges
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  • South Dakota weather effect on Cattle Ranchers

    Please if you are in the West don't be offended by the bare minimal that I show/present in the article reflection worksheet.  But here in Ohio it is difficult for students to imagine what is going on out there, and we...
    Jessica Helsinger
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  • Animal Project

    My Ag Sceince students just finished species ID and terminology. I am looking for a project instruction sheet where students have to pick multple species and breeds of animals. They also have to describe the types of ...
    Christina Bissey
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  • Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow Viewing Guide.doc

    This viewing guide and answer key can be used for the BBC production about Temple Grandin, "The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow".   I found several worksheets/viewing guides that corresponded with the Temple Grandin movi...
    Kevin D. Cross
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  • Virtual Tour of Beef Plant with Temple Grandin

    I received this information from Janet Riley, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Member Services for the American Meat Institute.  See her message below:   I wanted to be sure your group was aware of the vide...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Jeopardy Beef Industry.pptx

    My kids love playing Jeopardy when we review for tests.  Here is a Beef Industry Jeopardy.
    Jamey Jo Steele
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  • Lesson plans

    I am going to be gone next week for state degree interviews. I am looking for something that I can have the sub do with my large animal class and intro to ag class, we are covering the beef industry, and landscaping. ...
    Christina Bissey
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  • Animal Digestion Lesson & Fingerpainting Activity

    I am currently covering a brief introduction to animal digestion with my first year ag students. Below you can find the following: Digestion lesson plan from Colorado Agricultural Education and Digestion powerpoint fr...
    Jamie Gregory
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  • Free Estrus Synchronization Course

    The University of Missouri developed three courses relating to estrus synchronization.  The courses can be accessed at the following website: http://animalsciences.missouri.edu/extension/beef/estrous_synch/   Text fr...
    Mary Robinson
    created by Mary Robinson
  • Animal Byproduct Poster

    Reproduced a .gif I saw online that illustrated the importance of animal by-products in everyday life. "Conclusion: There is no such thing as a vegan" !
    Jessie Lumpkins
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  • Help! Bloated Steer Project

    We have a Market Maine Angus X steer that's been bloated off and on everyday since October.  I feel like we've tried everything there is to try and nothing seems to be working.  Some of the things we've tried include ...
    Brittany Thornton
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  • Lifesize Punnett Square Activity

    I created this activity in animal science when talking about genetic traits in livestock.  Before this activity students knew about inheritance and a small Punnett Square.  I was looking for an fun way to teach them h...
    Sarah Heideman
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  • Meats Judging websites

    I found out about these websites from a university contact today.  Use your favorite search engine and type in bovine myology or porcine myology and click on the links to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln beef and po...
    Brian Tomlinson
    created by Brian Tomlinson