• Beef Primal & Retail ID

    Used about 3 days for this lesson per species.  1. Students find and write retail cuts on each primal cut paper.  2. Use aggiemeat.tamu.edu/4-h-ffa-retail-identification-cuts/ to go through pictures and explain each r...
    Morgan Kowalewski
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  • The Steaks are High

    The "Steaks are High" is an online game by the beef checkoff program.  I created this lesson to bring relevance to different cattle operations and how they are used in the online game.  Students will calculate have to...
    Kristin Sheehan
    created by Kristin Sheehan
  • Production Animal Science

    I teach a production animal science class and am having a hard time finding appropriate resources.  I am having to piece together too much and feel that I am missing something all the time.  Does anyone have any resou...
    Angie Pommerening
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  • Animal System Career Lessons

    Hello Everyone,   Are you teaching Animal Science or Advance Animal Science this semester? Check out this NEW Animal Systems Careers-Lesson Series!!! The six lesson plan series offered on AgExplorer under Educator Res...
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • Blank Ear Tags with table markers for beef breeds

     For my animal science unit I am covering beef breeds and though it would be a neat idea to give kids ear tags with the name of the breed on it to match a table marker. I have attached a sheet of blank ear tags and a ...
    Corey Alleman
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  • Vet Science labs

    Houdy folks,   I am planning for my vet science unit/6 weeks in the spring. I have a great curriculum that our state ag ed dept provided for us, it covers almost everything I could come up with that I used last year....
    Cole Andes
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  • Virtual Farm Tours

    Hello Everyone,   Here is a link to access Virtual Farm Tours. The videos are based from Canada information but it is still good information and videos: Virtual Farm Tour   I have done the Dairy and Sheep tours. I...
    Sara Colombe
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  • Reading a medicine label

    Hello, I am preparing to teach a lesson on livestock medications. I was wondering if there is any suggestions available to help me put together a lesson plan and activity on this subject? What I have in mind is to p...
    Jaimie Varnedore
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  • HELP!!! I am working on my creative component for my masters need help with ANIMAL SCIENCE RESOURCES!!!

    HELP!!! I am working on my creative component for my masters. I am working on a supplement guide full of activities, worksheets, and labs for each species of the large animal science class. I am wondering if any one h...
    created by Renee
  • Meat processing

    Looking for any good resources for Beef, Poultry, and Swine processing. From Farm to the plate. I found an awesome Poultry guide http://www.uspoultry.org/educationprograms/PandEP_Curriculum/Documents/PDFs/Lesson9/Po...
    Hayley Faber
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  • Female Reproductive Anatomy-oocyte development.ppt

    Cattle Reproductive Anatomy--AI process--Egg Development
    Nick Nelson
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  • AI_Ch_02_Anatomy_Phys_ABS_Clinic_2006.ppt

    Nick Nelson
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  • Beef Protocols 2010.pdf

    Synchronization protocols for AI in cattle
    Nick Nelson
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  • Heat Detection and Synchronization.ppt

    Nick Nelson
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  • Equation of Reproduction.ppt

    Nick Nelson
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  • Agricultural Certification for Students/Teachers

    I am currently try to find any and all certificates that students can earn while in high school that are agriculturally based.  If you know of any please let me know.  Thank you for your time in this matter.   Reta Yanik
    Reta Yanik
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  • Survey: Help us Develop Animal Science Resources on CoP!

    Zoetis, a major sponsor of NAAE’s Communities of Practice, has volunteered to give ag teachers access to its vast library of technical resources on a wide variety of animal science topics. These will be arranged into ...
    Julie Fritsch
    created by Julie Fritsch
  • Dirty Jobs-Custom Meat Processor-Key.doc

    Here is the key for the questions associated with Dirty Jobs-Custom Meat Processor episode.
    Sara Colombe
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  • Dirty Jobs-Custom Meat Processor.doc

    Here are questions to the Dirty Jobs Episode Custom Meat Processor.
    Sara Colombe
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  • Beef breeds coloring pages

    Attached are coloring pages - I just make extra copies of the pages to make a packet.  I ask my students to add characteristics such as hump for brahman cattle, etc.....
    Cathy Berrier
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