• Production Animal Science

    I teach a production animal science class and am having a hard time finding appropriate resources.  I am having to piece together too much and feel that I am missing something all the time.  Does anyone have any resou...
    Angie Pommerening
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  • Agricultural Certification for Students/Teachers

    I am currently try to find any and all certificates that students can earn while in high school that are agriculturally based.  If you know of any please let me know.  Thank you for your time in this matter.   Reta Yanik
    Reta Yanik
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  • Survey: Help us Develop Animal Science Resources on CoP!

    Zoetis, a major sponsor of NAAE’s Communities of Practice, has volunteered to give ag teachers access to its vast library of technical resources on a wide variety of animal science topics. These will be arranged into ...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • How do you organize your units (electronically, or hard copy notebooks)?

    I am trying to figure out what is the best way to organize my units....  So I am looking for suggestions cause I have tried several different methods.
    Reta Yanik
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  • Fish Tanks in Animal Science

    Does anyone have aquarium activities, assignments etc. they are willing to share that could be used for animal science students? We have 15, 20 gallon and two 30 gallon aquariums.  We also have a 600 and 450 gallon ta...
    David Wilson
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  • Aquaculture Lessons

    My kids want to learn about fish, but I know nothing about fish. Does anyone have anything about fish that they would be willing to share. I plan to start this in about 2 weeks. We don't have a shop or room in my clas...
    RayeAnn Stamper
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