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Cathy Berrier
Does anyone have any nutrition activities for an animal science class?  We just finished digestion and now we are moving on to nutrients (fxn and sources) and I am looking for some hands-on activities?  Does anyone have a lab that they would like to share?
in Animal Sciences
Lindy Black
I got this idea from the Idaho Agricultural Science Curriculum guide. To get the pig hearts for the lab, I just called the local mobile slaughter business and they began saving the hearts of pigs they butchered. The kids had a lot of fun doing this lab!
in Animal Sciences
Matt Holt
I am a pre-service teacher at Penn State, I will be teaching a unit on dogs in the spring and I was wondering if anyone had any lesson plans for dog training or the domestication of dogs? Thanks for the help!
in Animal Sciences
Amanda Mullins
Here are some documents I use in my classes, hope others can use them too. Amanda
in Animal Sciences
Kristin Sheehan
This activity was derived to connect the animal industry with the tragedies of 9/11.  Most students today were not born when the events of 9/11 took place.  I though this activity allowed students to conceptualize 9/11 and the significance of K9 counterparts.  Referencing the following book is a nice addition to this activity. .
in Animal Sciences
Steve Lammers
Attached are unit plans and materials for a three week swine unit. I have used this information for a 10-12th grade animal science course. I do think it would be appropriate for 9th graders as well. All notes and information based on Modern Livestock & Poultry Production by James R. Gillespie from Delmar Cengage Learning. Unit review and test are… (Show more)
in Animal Sciences
Alison McGrew
Attached are all the tools you need to teach ear notching to your students. Geared towards grades 8-10.
in Animal Sciences