• Dairy Foods Contests Coaches Guide Purdue

    Hey all, does anyone have a copy of the 4-H/ FFA Dairy Foods Contests Coaches Guide from Purdue University? I used some of the items from it in the past and really enjoyed some of the activities and I cannot find it o...
    Sarabeth Royer
    created by Sarabeth Royer
  • Agronomy

    Does anyone have good resources or ideas for teaching the importance of agronomical crops? Activities, labs, lessons?? This is a new unit for me, and I am looking for ideas. Thanks to all in advance!!
    Kim OByrne
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  • Food Science Curriculum

    I am a new teacher and I am looking to start up a Food Science Course. I am working with a local lady who used to do a lot of food science stuff and I have gotten some great ideas. From people that teach a food scienc...
    Sarah Knutson
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  • Meat Science

    Anyone have an good meat science lessons or PowerPoints?  I am looking to revamp my food science curriculum.  Would also take poultry products too!!!
    Amanda Bowling
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  • Pizza for the 5th grade

    Our local ag committee is working on some new material for a 5th grade classroom.  We are breaking down the pizza and my part is the sauce.  Does anyone have a connection to a processor that could walk me through from...
    Jason Holt
    created by Jason Holt
  • Food Science Aromas

    Hello!   I have collect samples of the aromas for the food science CDE and have jars to put them in. My question is how do you introduce them to your students? Do you just let them start smelling and guessing?   Thanks
    Siera Meyer
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  • Food Science CDE prep

    I am trying to prepare a team for the Food Science CDE and have run into a couple of challenges....   #1: How are the aromas such as cinnamon, oregano, peanut butter, etc displayed so that the actual "product" isn't ...
    Alison McGrew
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  • Food science- co-teaching with FACS

    The FACS teacher at my school and I are considering the possibility of co-teaching a Food Science course next year.  Many of the standards are similar, and this would allow the students to get a better understanding o...
    Laura Schwengel
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  • ALS Foods

    Who teaches ALS Foods?  We are offering this in my school next year.  My admistration also wants to me to find a certification that my students can earn in this class.  Does anyone do SafeServe?
    Amanda Briggs
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  • Food Science CDE Help!!

    I am a first year ag teacher and my 9th graders are really excited about doing the Food Science CDE and I have no clue where to start.. Does anyone have any suggestions?  I would like to attend a workshop before we ju...
    Kyndal Reed
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  • Dairy Sensory Panel Help!

    Hello all,   I have planned for a short lesson that includes a dairy taste panel and a dairy sensory panel (it's at the end of my dairy science unit!). For the taste panel, I was going to do skim milk, 2%, whole, and...
    Elizabeth Smith
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  • New to Food Science

    I am a new teacher and will be teaching a semester long food science course this coming school year. I have absolutely no experience with food science. I need to teach about the food industry and food industry organiz...
    Amanda Hack
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  • Christmas cookie experiments

    My Food Science class would like to make christmas cookies.  Does anyone have any experiments that we could do?  I have considered breaking them up into several groups to create their own experiments dealing with cook...
    Brenda Brady
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  • Teaching Food Science for the first time

    I'm teaching food science for the first time this year.  I'm very excited, we've worked it out that I will have the FACS foods lab whenever I need it and a science teacher who is willing to team teach any labs that I ...
    Nicki Jones
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  • Food Science Help Needed!

    I am going to be teaching a Food Science course next spring and have NO idea of where to begin?!?   I am looking for examples of course outline, potential texts, and project ideas.   Any help at all would be greatly...
    Michaela Kehrer
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