• What are the most important meat cuts you teach?

    I am looking for the main meat cuts you teach for beef cuts and pork cuts. With limited time and knowledge, what are the most important cuts to focus on? 
    Jamey McIntosh
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  • Food science video

    I was watching Mysteries at the Museum today and saw this clip about the start of FDA food regulations and I thought it would be a great intro for someone teaching food science. There are two parts, it was split up by...
    Carlie Bossard
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  • Enter the AEB's Incredible! FFA Chapter Contest and win a $1,500 or $2,000 grant for your chapter

    Do you know a local FFA chapter doing incredible things? Maybe they’re committed to the local community, working on breakthrough agricultural projects, or otherwise achieving wonderful and remarkable feats. If so, the...
    Julie Fritsch
    created by Julie Fritsch
  • Food Science Curriculum

    I have the amazing opportunity to start a Food Science Pathway in the school I just got hired to teach at. I have amazing facilities, great co-teachers, and a supportive business community, but I lack curriculum! Can ...
    Casey Sanders
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  • Mac Attack:  Farm to Fast Food - a recorded workshop from the 2010 NAAE Convention

    "Dissect" your favorite fast food meal with this fast-paced, hands-on activity and discover its "root" to the table.  Your students will love to learn about the food they eat.  This is a great activity and lessons tha...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Agriscience (food science) lab space renovation

    We are looking at converting our old FCS room into an agriscience classroom, and would like to complete this for the coming school year.  We no longer offer FCS at our school, and would like to convert the space to a ...
    Toni Gabriel (Saso)
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  • Food and nutrition labels lab

    I am looking for a fun activity to get my students engaged about learning the fundamentals of reading a food label and how important it is to understand what it all means to their nutrition.  If you would have any fun...
    Heidi Doyle
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  • Principles of Food Science- Teacher Resources?

    I am adapting Experiment 4C: The Chemical Detective (p114) from The Principles of Food Science textbook (Goodheart-Wilcox) as the practicum portion of my midterm exam. I have purchased online the teachers resources co...
    Sara Cobb
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  • Food Safety activities?

    Does anyone have some ideas for quick and simple food safety activities? I want to do a 'round robin' type of activity where students go around the class and complete different activities relating to food science, rou...
    Carlie Bossard
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  • Pizza Sauce?

    I am looking for a contact or information on the ingredients and process of making pizza sauce.  This is part of an educational activity that our local ag group is going to use for upper elementary students as a farm ...
    Jason Holt
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  • GMOs

    This has been going around facebook and I thought I would share it here as well. Jimmy Kimmel went to a local farmers market and asked people what are GMOs and if they eat them. Almost all of the people said no they d...
    Carlie Bossard
    created by Carlie Bossard
  • Stopping the spread of Salmonella

    NPR had a story about how Foster Farms is stopping Salmonella contamination in their meat products through preventing infection in live birds: How Foster Farms Is Solving The Case Of The Mystery Salmonella : The Salt ...
  • Quick and easy food preservation activities

    I would like to do a lesson or two on food preservation during my food science unit for my intro to ag class. Does anyone have any suggestions or quick activities that I can do with students? Any notes/powerpoints/wor...
    Carlie Bossard
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  • New Course

    I will be teaching Food Science next year for the first time. I am looking for any helpful links, resources, or anyone that would be willing to share their course outline. If you could help me out, I would truly appre...
    Christina Bissey
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  • Leavening Agent Lab

    I really enjoy doing the bread in a bag lesson and I know I borrowed the lesson for here on CoP but I wanted to share something I found today. The Company Red Star has lesson plans and even a cheap way to purchase y...
    Lezlie Durst
    created by Lezlie Durst
  • Food Science CDE: Nutrition Label

    Does anyone have any good infromation on how to make a nutrition label on foods that they have created?  They would have to do this by hand, not computer generated.  Thanks!
    Corrine Smith
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  • Dairy Unit Day 2-3

    I like to show Dirty Jobs - Dairy Cow (not the entire thing, just to cover the care of the cows on the carousel and getting the milk. Then I go over the Milk Facts WS   You will need to find a document that tells yo...
    Sheridan Clinkscales
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  • Dairy Unit Day 6

    Cultured Dairy Products   I have 4 stations set up around the room, the students read the information and fill in the chart worksheet.  You could also add in a tasting and compare milk to buttermilk, etc.
  • Dairy Unit Day 5

    Ice Cream   We make ice cream in sandwich baggies and then watch videos about Blue Bell Creameries.   You have two options: iCEV has a Blue Bell Creamery Tour Blue Bell Creameries has their own videos on their web...
  • Dairy Unit Day 4

    Cheese Making & Testing   I show a short 10 min clip of Mike Rowe Cheese Making Making cheese with Mike Rowe - YouTube   Then we go over a table that has a few cheese and their characteristics.  I use the cheese ID ...