• Legal Land Descriptions

    In my ag II class we have been going over some agronomy tests preparing for district competition and have come across legal land description questions.  Does any one have some resources that may help with this somewha...
    Matt Bax
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  • Food Biofortification—Reaping the Benefits of Science to Overcome Hidden Hunger

    The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) released a new paper, Food Biofortification—Reaping the Benefits of Science to Overcome Hidden Hunger, which is part of the series on The Need for Agric...
    Dan Gogerty
    created by Dan Gogerty
  • Tillage Techniques 3D model

    Before I reinvent the wheel, has anyone done a project where they have students create a 3D scale model field that demonstrates different tillage techniques, such as no till, strip till, conventional tillage, etc.   ...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Does anyone teach Agriscience and NCCER Core in the same 1hr course?

    I am tasked with teaching Ag1 as well as NCCER Core in 1 school year in the same course. I am having trouble fulfilling my duties as an Ag teacher as well as a NCCER Core instructor and I am looking to see if any othe...
    created by John
  • Teaching Breeds

    I was wondering if anyone had any materials they would like to share when they teach the different breeds and industry's of Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, and Dairy to their students.  I am looking for more than just ID d...
    John Heiser
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  • Animal Science class

    I am going to be teaching an Animal Science class in the fall.  I have not taught this class before and I am looking for units, labs, etc.  This class will count as a science credit for some students, therefore the ad...
    Heidi Doyle
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  • Does anyone have stem lessons they do with middle school students?

    I am looking to add some STEM lessons into my middle school class but I do not know where to look.
    Jessica Grubbs
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  • Chemistry Concepts in Agriscience

    Minnesota just passed a law allowing Ag teachers to teach Chemistry and Physics concepts in an Ag class.  My addministration and science teachers are all for this idea.  I have alot of ideas to cover Physics standards...
    Lisa Sackreiter
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  • AG Careers Unit

    I would like to teach an Ag Careers unit.  In the past I have struggled with student interest in this unit. Does anyone have a unit or assignments related to this they will share?   Thanks in advance!
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  • Soil Science Unit

    Attached are materials for a Soil Science Unit I taught to 9th Graders.
    Steve Lammers
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  • The Last American Cowboy

    I have recorded all of the episodes from season 1 of this animal planet series.  I would like to use the videos in my animal science class. Does anyone have any worksheets or ideas to go along with this video series??...
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  • Agriculture Exchange Boxes Spring 2018

    I know that a bunch of teachers did exchange boxes in the Fall of the 2017/2018 school year, but is there anyone who would like to do a Spring exchange? I'm looking for 4 more schools to exchange with. I am planning o...
    Rick Bierbrauer
    created by Rick Bierbrauer
  • Ag Biology Lab Manual

    I have taught Ag Biology for the past several years and finally got around to compiling all my notes and lab activities into one document. This is by no means my own creation- begged, borrowed, and stolen from several...
    Jaysa Fillmore
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  • What is your favorite food science lab?

    Vote on your favorite food science lab.  If other please leave a comment as to what it is
    Stacy Fritz
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  • The Farming Game

    Does anyone have a good lesson plan or spredsheet for playing the Farming Game implementing SAE in thier Agscience class?
    Lynn Shrock
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  • Vet Science PO's

        Hello everyone, I am wondering if I could have some assistance. I am currently working on a grant to purchase supplies for my classes. Next year I will be teaching a brand new Vet Science Class. I am wondering if...
    Josh Rockhill
    created by Josh Rockhill
  • Ag Explorer Career Assignment

    Like many of us, I find myself missing a lot in the spring for various school business activities. This is a career exploration activity I created for my Ag I kids that can be used multiple times. Students do not have...
    Josh Dahlem
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  • NATA Symposium 2016 - Biotechnology Survey Lab

    Attached are the documents used at the 2016 National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Symposium held at the NAAE Convention in December.   Note - the PDF contains all 50 of the survey subjects.  There is an Excel docum...
    Wes Crawford
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  • Drones Curriculum

    Does anyone have or has come across a curriculum for using drones in agriculture? We have a Phantom 3 Advanced drone, with excellent camera and video capabilities. However, I am in search of curriculum to teach using ...
    Christie Joehl
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  • Ag Exchange Boxes

    Hello,   Last year I did 6 Ag Exchange boxes with my 7th and 8th grade classes and it was great! I haven't seen a post for exchange boxes yet so I thought I would start one. I would like to do an exchange with 6 ot...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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