• Animal Science class

    I am going to be teaching an Animal Science class in the fall.  I have not taught this class before and I am looking for units, labs, etc.  This class will count as a science credit for some students, therefore the ad...
    Heidi Doyle
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  • The Last American Cowboy

    I have recorded all of the episodes from season 1 of this animal planet series.  I would like to use the videos in my animal science class. Does anyone have any worksheets or ideas to go along with this video series??...
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  • Agriculture Exchange Boxes Spring 2018

    I know that a bunch of teachers did exchange boxes in the Fall of the 2017/2018 school year, but is there anyone who would like to do a Spring exchange? I'm looking for 4 more schools to exchange with. I am planning o...
    Rick Bierbrauer
    created by Rick Bierbrauer
  • The Farming Game

    Does anyone have a good lesson plan or spredsheet for playing the Farming Game implementing SAE in thier Agscience class?
    Lynn Shrock
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  • Vet Science PO's

        Hello everyone, I am wondering if I could have some assistance. I am currently working on a grant to purchase supplies for my classes. Next year I will be teaching a brand new Vet Science Class. I am wondering if...
    Josh Rockhill
    created by Josh Rockhill
  • Ag Explorer Career Assignment

    Like many of us, I find myself missing a lot in the spring for various school business activities. This is a career exploration activity I created for my Ag I kids that can be used multiple times. Students do not have...
    Josh Dahlem
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  • Ag Exchange Boxes

    Hello,   Last year I did 6 Ag Exchange boxes with my 7th and 8th grade classes and it was great! I haven't seen a post for exchange boxes yet so I thought I would start one. I would like to do an exchange with 6 ot...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Ag Exchange Boxes

    I'm still looking for 5-6 more teachers to do an ag exchange box with. I attached the instructions I gave to my kids but I do not care how the ag exchange box is done. Please email if you are interested. My email is t...
    Terra Kimes Davis
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  • Ag Exchange Boxes with Reno, NV

    Hello,   I teach agricultural education in Reno, NV and am looking for approximately 7 to 10 different states to exchange agriculture boxes with. We are doing this as a project with our Ag Science I class. We are get...
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  • Personalized Learning

    My school district is moving toward personalized learning and our school is piloting the program, so next school year I will be trying to implement personalized learning into my classroom. The model they want us to us...
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  • USDA Urban Ag

    USDA published a toolkit for Urban Ag.   This is targeted at business, but has a lot of resources that could be applied to urban programs with a bit of growing space.  Certainly concepts are applicable to SAE. See: ...
    Mike Spiess
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  • Agricultural Certification for Students/Teachers

    I am currently try to find any and all certificates that students can earn while in high school that are agriculturally based.  If you know of any please let me know.  Thank you for your time in this matter.   Reta Yanik
    Reta Yanik
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  • Do you know of any interactive websites?

    I am looking for interactive websites to use in the computer lab for my students. I would like some that either have, or I can make, worksheets to go a long with them. I had a great plant interactive site last year, b...
    Whitney Moore
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  • Agriscience Research Paper & Poster Sample

    My students this year really struggled with writing research papers and it would be nice if I had a well done example to show what the finish product should look like. I found lots of great documents on How to write a...
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  • Ag Exchange Boxes

    I am from Tennessee and am looking for a couple teachers to do Ag Exchange Boxes with this semester. Please email me at tkimes@k12tn.net if you are interested in swapping. Tennessee is very diverse and we would send s...
  • How can the Pizz-A-Thon be improved for online resources?

    The 20 year old Iowa State University Ag/Conservation literacy program (Pizz-A-Thon) web site www.pizz-a-thon.com has been in development for over two years. The program through a "mock pizza" business leads students ...
    Eldon Weber
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  • Student Teacher Needs Ideas!!!

    Hello,   My name is Hannah and I am currently a student teacher at a rural high school in North Carolina. During my student teaching experience I will be taking on Agriscience Applications, Agriculture Mechanics I a...
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  • See www.pizz-a-thon.com introduced at NAAE Convention New Orleans

    This is a perfect program for kids to use real world experiences in learning school subjects through this "mock pizza business" (SAE projects or PALS). See the "Curriculum Starter Kit" and make plans during the holida...
    Eldon Weber
    created by Eldon Weber
  • Women in Ag data

    The USDA Women in Ag division just released state-by-state data on women in production agriculture. Interesting stuff as we look at overall data in agriculture. http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome?contentid=w...
    Nina Crutchfield
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  • Ag Exchange Box

    Hello!   I am looking for 2 chapters in different states who would like to buddy up with my chapter in Ag class and do an "Ag Exchange Box." We would put together a box of items about agriculture in our state, Indian...
    Kim Hill
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