• Electrophoresis Practice

    Paper lab
    Cathy Berrier
    created by Cathy Berrier
  • Genetic Engineering Simulation

    Easy way to simulate genetic engineering!
    Cathy Berrier
    created by Cathy Berrier
  • Basic Plant Cloning Lesson

    A great introduction to the definition of "cloning" while allowing students to observe changes in plant growth.
    Darla Romberger
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  • Agricultural Genetics

    The following documents are what I use for my Mendelian Genetics Unit in Agriscience.  Feel free to use as needed. Usually this unit occurs over a 3-week period.
    Craig A. Kohn
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  • UPDATE 4/12/17: Participate in National Soil Sample Collection Program and Earn Money for Your Ag Program

    4/12/17 - The BioAg Alliance received an overwhelming response to this post yesterday and as a result have as many ag programs as they can handle at this time. If the opportunity becomes available again, we will post ...
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Why do some teachers feel uncertain about teaching biotechnology or its concepts?

    Cathy Berrier
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  • Presentation from NAAE 2016 - Biotechnology

    A couple of folks asked for the biotechnology presentation from NAAE 2016.  The two videos that I couldn't show but highly recommend are:  https://www.google.com/search?q=why+are+gmos+bad+scishow&rlz=1C1CHWA_enUS601US...
    Stacie Turnbull
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  • Ag Biotech

    Attached are a couple documents I am using in our new CASE Animal and Plant Biotech (APB) course. In addition to the APB CASE curriculum we have added a few lessons to start the course because we do not offer the CAS...
    Deb Seibert
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  • Journey of a Gene resource

    https://ge.unl.edu/journey-of-a-gene/   Onine resource that includes videos and animations.   DIvided into sections that includes problems, steps to the solution, risks/benefits and a quiz.   Works well in a flip...
    Cathy Berrier
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  • Biotech & NC Ag

    Attached is a short powerpoint presentation that I use to introduce the impact of Biotechnology in NC and GMO's   Enjoy!ledfordffa
    Cathy Berrier
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  • Identifying variables activity

    See the attached sorting activity.  This activity can be used in an interactive notebook.
    Cathy Berrier
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  • Biotech

    Hi Everyone, I am new to teaching biotechnology (this year will be my first year) and I was wondering if anyone has any lab suggestions or really anything they would be willing to share with me? Advice is always appre...
    Pebbles Lacross
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  • Biotechnology Resource

    Journey of a Gene , http://passel.unl.edu   Take a minute to check out a resource that may be very helpful to you.  The Journey of a Gene can help you to easily incorporate genetic engineering in your course(s).  The ...
    Stacie Turnbull
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  • GMO Webquest/ Web activity

    Goes well with the Harvest of Fear video, uses the PBS website. Could be used completely independently if you are going over plant breeding or GMOs at all. Almost takes 2-50 min periods.
    Amanda Thorsvig
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  • Other online resource

    Cathy Berrier
    created by Cathy Berrier
  • Genetic engineering online resource

    https://ge.unl.edu/oomycete/   Online resource
    Cathy Berrier
    created by Cathy Berrier
  • Ag-Science/Biotech class help!

    I am looking for curriculum for my new Ag-Science/Biotech class, does anyone have any information or know where I should go to start finding projects, and curriculum?
    Josh Rockhill
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  • Biotech facebook template.pdf

    Attached is a Facebook template for Biotechnology Historical Events/Important People.  It could be easily modified for other purposes.  Regardless it is a great way to cover historical and/or important events.
    Cathy Berrier
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  • Epidemic Lab

    Good Morning! I am currently student teaching and trying to accomplish the Epidemic Lab. Which can be seen below if you follow the link.  https://calaged.csuchico.edu/resourcefiles/curriculum/AgBiology/E-5%20Simul...
    Cynthia Hinde
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  • Mitosis Activity

    Matching mitosis activity from Inquiry 1-2-3 workshop at NAAE.  I have the students utilize the picture sheet with the descriptions as a starter activity to mitosis.  Print out the picture sheet and wite out the names...
    Stacy Skemp
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