• Habitudes Teachers Guide or help

    I recently bought a copy of all the Habitudes by Tim Elmore.  I want to incorporate these into my Leadership class.  However I did not purchase a teachers guide.  I didn't know if it is wrong to share the teachers gui...
    Sarah Reynolds
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  • National Convention... and a goat.

    Thursday I started feeling sorry for myself, as I so badly wanted to be in Indianapolis. I never had the chance to go while in High School and now I am a first year Teacher hoping I can experience it soon!!  While dro...
    Kacie Benson Carballo
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  • Intro to FFA Unit

    Our program teaches the basics of FFA as an introductory, 5-week unit that covers the essentials of the information necessary to know for the Greenhand Degree.  Beyond this class, our program doesn't have much direct ...
    Sarah LaRose
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  • Ag. Leadership Class

    Our school does not currently offer any type of leadership class or anything that helps students prepare for life outside of high school. I want to start a class next year that helps them develop their leadership pote...
    Amanda Cook
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  • Ag Leadership Materials

    We are currently placing our purchase orders for next year.  I anticipate being able to offer Ag Leadership as a course.  What are some materials that you use or would like to have in your Ag Leadership Course?
    Shayla Johnson
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  • Communicating in the Agricultural Industry

    This year I am teaching out of the Thompson/Delmar book Communicating in the Agricultural Industry by Russell Graves.  I am going to go on maternity leave at the end of this week.  I can teach out of this book but my ...
    Shelia Schenk
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  • Innovative Ways to Teach The FFA Creed

      I was having a discussion with a colleague the other day about how ag teachers use the FFA Creed in their classes.  I was just wondering what are some ways that you expand on the Creed in your classes, instead of j...
    Alissa Smith
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  • Habitudes

    I have read and used the Habitudes books before and really like them. I am considering purchasing either the accompanying DVD's or Teachers Guides for use in some of my classes and with my officer team. Have any of yo...
    Shalie Terrill
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  • How can I better build communication/public speaking skills with my students?

    I try to focus on building communication skills in my students with speeches, discussions, debates as assignments, but often I end up with the same result: a student struggling through a speech to get a grade. I reali...
    Jennifer Wherley
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  • Quizlet

    I have seen a couple references to this website and using the material there.  Would someone please share how they use quizlet in their instruction?  Is there a way to track student use and progress? Thanks
    Bruce Rohr
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  • Leadership Problem

    I will be starting my second year teaching in August. I am working on my leadership curriculum and what to start my leadership class with a very real, very big problem that they could relate to. I want to present this...
    Alicia LePage-Schmidt
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  • Mpower; who uses it?

    Are you using Mpower? How it is being used successfully? What do you like/ dislike about the resource? In your opinion, how could it be enhance in the future?   Thank you in advance for everyone's input!
    Katy Mumaw
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  • Creating Website Options

    I am currently teaching a Ag Leadership course and I am interested in having each of my students design a website with an attached blog to it.  Does anyone have any suggestions on good sites where we can create and ma...
    Kelsey Carlson
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  • FFA: Food for America - Food Insecurity Lesson

    h I am looking to cover an unit with my  Intro to Ag students (9th graders)  - I looked at the resources on the FFA Learn website but was wondering if anyone had any other resources they have used for a unit similiar...
    Kelsey Carlson
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  • Ideas Needed for Service Learning Project

    This semester I'm student teaching and one of the requirements for student teaching is to incorporate a service learning project into one of the classes we are teaching.  I'm hoping to incorporate a service learning p...
    April Johnson
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  • Leadership Development Curriculum

    I have recently moved to a new district that has a Leadership Development course which includes agricultural and non-agricultural students. I am struggling with how to develop the class to incorporate both aspects of ...
    Sara Cobb
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  • Video camera for Ag Com class?

    This year we are offering Intro Ag Communications for a speech credit for graduation for my students and I am wanting to do some different things to make it challenging yet interesting. One of my ideas is to do some v...
    Tony Loucks
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  • Novel suggestions for Communications and Leadership class

    I would like to choose a book for students in my Communications and Leadership class to read.  Some reading could be done in class and some on their own time.  We would have regular class discussions and assignments r...
    Grace Brewer
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  • Ceremony parts for Historian and Parliamentarian?

    This year when electing officers we had eight exceptional canidates and decided to add the additional offices. I am preparing the agenda for our officer retreat and got to thinking... I don't want the two added office...
    Tony Loucks
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  • How do you teach Current Events?

    I want to incorporate current (ag) events into my program.  Any suggestions?
    Valerie Fry
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