• Leadership, Personal Dev. and Career Success Book

    I just started using a new book this year called... Leadership, Personal Development and Career Success, 3rd Edition by Cliff and John Ricketts. Does anyone happen to have activities, ppts or worksheets that go along ...
    Amy Grantz
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  • Habitudes Teachers Guide or help

    I recently bought a copy of all the Habitudes by Tim Elmore.  I want to incorporate these into my Leadership class.  However I did not purchase a teachers guide.  I didn't know if it is wrong to share the teachers gui...
    Sarah Reynolds
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  • FFA Week Resource

    FFA Week is right around the corner!!!! Want to promote agriculture in elementary classes or outside of school during this week but don't know what is available? Check out the Ag Literacy and Advocacy Resource provide...
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • Strength’s Survey.docx

    Allyson Lammiman
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  • My natural strengths.docx

    Allyson Lammiman
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  • true-colors-personality quiz.png

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  • True_Colors Background Info.pdf

    Allyson Lammiman
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  • True Colors Learning Styles.ppt

    Allyson Lammiman
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  • Current Events Resources

    Hello Everyone,   Trying to get students to be more aware of agriculture events occurring? Check out this FFA resources with current events! Steps   Go to ffa.org and open dashboard.  Select Teachers/Advisors Click...
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • Free Agriculture Career Exploration Curriculum available

    Wanted to put a mention in for some free curriculum on Agriculture Career Exploration. There are 6 lessons with step by step instructions on how to facilitate. All you need to do is fill out a form to have it sent to ...
    Jamey McIntosh
    created by Jamey McIntosh
  • National Convention... and a goat.

    Thursday I started feeling sorry for myself, as I so badly wanted to be in Indianapolis. I never had the chance to go while in High School and now I am a first year Teacher hoping I can experience it soon!!  While dro...
    Kacie Benson Carballo
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  • Teach Ag Day Escape Room

    I would like to share my escape room designed for Teach Ag Day. Follow the link to my google drive to find all the materials you will need and a setup video. If you have any questions, I would love to help. Enjoy!   ...
    Nikki Fideldy
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  • Ag Communications Unit

    This unit is a compelation of lesson plans from my student teaching class at the University of Arizona. I have used this unit many times and been very successful, my students have loved the activities.   I have also ...
    Katee McSpadden
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  • Jenna Oesch, Monsanto Vegetable Seeds

    Andrea Fristoe
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  • Podcast Series about Women Agribusiness Leaders

    Sara Steever, the president of Paulsen, an ag marketing firm in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has an ongoing podcast series called Spark: Women in Agribusiness, where she interviews top females in a variety of agricultur...
    Julie Fritsch
    created by Julie Fritsch
  • Leadership Movies

    Hello!   This is my first year teaching an Ag Leadership class. Dose anyone show movies to the class related to leadership? If so, what ones and do you have worksheets? Thank you!
    Siera Meyer
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  • Worksheet for reviewing articles/current events

    Got this from an English Teacher - nice little worksheet to have the students fill out when they are reviewing articles/current events.
    Paul Aarsvold
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  • Intro to FFA Unit

    Our program teaches the basics of FFA as an introductory, 5-week unit that covers the essentials of the information necessary to know for the Greenhand Degree.  Beyond this class, our program doesn't have much direct ...
    Sarah LaRose
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  • Ag. Leadership Class

    Our school does not currently offer any type of leadership class or anything that helps students prepare for life outside of high school. I want to start a class next year that helps them develop their leadership pote...
    Amanda Cook
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  • Ag Leadership Materials

    We are currently placing our purchase orders for next year.  I anticipate being able to offer Ag Leadership as a course.  What are some materials that you use or would like to have in your Ag Leadership Course?
    Shayla Johnson
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