• Good Resource on Futures and Forward Contract

    MIT OpenCourseWare has lectures on Finance.  If you go to lecture 8-9 at minute 8:46 Dr. Lo will begin talking about Futures and Forward Contracting.  I have attached the lecture notes for this lecture as well.   Ad...
    Diane Cornman
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  • The Informant

    Has anyone ever used/considered showing the informant in their Ag Business class? It has been several years since I have seen it, so I don't quite remember the quality (language/etc...) and I know that it is not 100% ...
    Kathryn Justus
    created by Kathryn Justus
  • Agriculture Business Curriculum

    What are you using to make Agriculture Business Curriculum engaging for students, less pencil paper and more enjoyable?   Does anyone use Agribusiness Decision and Dollars textbook?   Thanks!
    Susannah Miller
    created by Susannah Miller
  • Agribusiness Book Report List

    I thought I would share my book list with you all for my Agribusiness Management class.  I teach it independently so this is a good way for the kids to think outside the box.  If you have anymore, feel free to add it ...
    Lynn Fischer
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  • Hiring and managing employees

    I'm starting a new section in Ag Business and I waned to do a job interview activity where one student is the boss and one is the current employee. Does anyone have a rubric or guideline? Also, I was curious as to if ...
    Dawn Baker
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  • Do you run a class business?

    I am trying to figure out a good way to set up a class business.  We are getting bee hives and are planning on starting a honey business.  I am looking for resources to organize my class into departments to do the wor...
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  • Tax Unit

    I was searching for a customizable unit on Taxes to teach my Ag Business students and discovered this site: Understanding Taxes It provides the following: Access all the great educational content found in the Unde...
    Stephanie Jolliff
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  • Paying Labor in an Entrepreneurship

    I'm not teaching Ag Bus this year, but whenever we get into budgets (enterprise or whole-business), there's always a lot of student debate on why an entrepreneur needs to budget for their own labor.  Part of it is tha...
    Melanie Bloom
    created by Melanie Bloom
  • Analyzing Annual Reports

    A project students can do in conjunction with financial ratio's -- compare businessess across the agricultural spectrum.   Most companies will send a recent annual report for the asking.
    Matt Eddy
    created by Matt Eddy
  • Personal Insurance Project

    Attached is a Personal Insurance Project that I utilize to assess my students at the end of a unit on personal Insurance
    Parker Bane
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  • Gettting students to think about financial documents in a different way.

    Attached to this post, I've put up a template that I have my students use to research large, well-known agricultural companies.  Many of my students struggle to understand financial documents, so I have found that hav...
    Parker Bane
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  • Marketing Plan Unit

    In my Ag Business Management class we are getting ready to start our marketing plan unit.  I have the project they are going to do but I'm looking for any lesson plans, power point notes, activities or worksheet that ...
    John Heiser
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  • Great Ag Business Curriculum Resources in another Space

    I saw this in the Ag Economics space and thought I'd share it here too. It's a fantastic resource from one of our members!   Curriculum Information for Introduction to Agribusiness Course
    Parker Bane
    created by Parker Bane
  • GREAT ag business / farm business resource

    Iowa State University Extension has a great resource for ag teachers to utilize.  I use this site for readings, student activities and calculators.  The readings available here rival any textbook I've ever tried.   H...
    Melanie Bloom
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  • Ag Business Management

    I am teaching Ag Business for the first time this year.. So far, classes are mainly large discussions.. I'm looking for more project based assignments.. For example, I stole an idea on here to do current events and di...
    Dawn Baker
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  • Worksheet for Percentages and Interest Calculations

    Attached is a worksheet I've used for interest rate and percentage calculations.  I don't necessarily know that I've created an answer key.
    Parker Bane
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  • Economic System Starter "Activity"

    Often, I've started off my Ag Business courses with a review of economic systems.  One of my favorite activities has been to play monopoly with the students on a modified basis.  I would break the class up into groups...
    Parker Bane
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  • New Categories in the Ag Business Management Space

    Good Afternoon!   Today, I have started to add some new categories to the Ag Business Management space to help organize the community.  Thus far, I've got: Ag Finance Taxes Commodity Marketing Ag Sales Financial...
    Parker Bane
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  • How do you start the school year in your Ag Business classes?

    Ag Business is a tricky curriculum to teach.  What are some of your best ideas for starting off a school year in an Ag Business course?  Do you start them off with something light, like soft skill training?  Do you ju...
    Parker Bane
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  • Commodity Challenge: A free resource for teaching about commodity markets and marketing

    Hi. My name is Edward Usset and I am a grain marketing specialist and teacher with the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota. I am happy to introduce you to Commodity Challenge, an on-li...
    Edward Usset
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