• John Deere Farm Business Management PowerPoints?

    Does anyone happen to have Power Point Presentations that could act as notes to help students better understand what they are reading in the John Deere Farm Business Management Books? I have been creating my own but i...
    Kristen Borkowski
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  • Marketing Plan Lessons / Curriculum

    Hello, I am a student teacher preparing lessons for a unit on marketing. I want to base my unit on the marketing plan CDE, but I've never done the CDE myself and am not sure where to start. Also, I only have 4 seniors...
    Meghan Lentsch
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  • Ag Business and Sales Class ideas

    Hi, I am having trouble finding content for my ag business and sales class. I've started teaching them various topics and they keep telling me the same thing- we've already learned this in the business class we took. ...
    Meghan Peterson
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  • Ag Sales in the Classroom?

    Does anyone use the Ag Sales CDE in the classroom for Ag Business?  How do you go about incorporating the CDE into the classroom?  Ideas and resources welcome!  Thanks in advance!
    Courtney May
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  • Hiring and managing employees

    I'm starting a new section in Ag Business and I waned to do a job interview activity where one student is the boss and one is the current employee. Does anyone have a rubric or guideline? Also, I was curious as to if ...
    Dawn Baker
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  • Do you run a class business?

    I am trying to figure out a good way to set up a class business.  We are getting bee hives and are planning on starting a honey business.  I am looking for resources to organize my class into departments to do the wor...
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  • Marketing Plan Unit

    In my Ag Business Management class we are getting ready to start our marketing plan unit.  I have the project they are going to do but I'm looking for any lesson plans, power point notes, activities or worksheet that ...
    John Heiser
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  • New Categories in the Ag Business Management Space

    Good Afternoon!   Today, I have started to add some new categories to the Ag Business Management space to help organize the community.  Thus far, I've got: Ag Finance Taxes Commodity Marketing Ag Sales Financial...
    Parker Bane
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  • How do you start the school year in your Ag Business classes?

    Ag Business is a tricky curriculum to teach.  What are some of your best ideas for starting off a school year in an Ag Business course?  Do you start them off with something light, like soft skill training?  Do you ju...
    Parker Bane
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  • Farm and Ranch Business Management by John Deere

    I am looking to use this book in my classroom.  Does anyone have a teaching calendar for this book?  I would like to have a rough outline so I know roughly how long the book will take me to cover all of the material o...
    Renee Baird
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  • Decisions and Dollars

    I am going to use the Decisions and Dollars curriculum for my ag biz class this year.  I had planned on getting some PPTs made up before I went on maternity leave.  I ended up on leave earlier than I expected.  I am w...
    Shelia Schenk
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  • Ag Business/ Farm Mgt.

    I am teaching agriculture business and farm marketing together in one class this year. I have never taught ag business or farm management. Anyone have  a syllabus for either they could share?
    Jaimie Antrobus
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  • Looking for the Holy Grail of Business Management Materials...

    Good morning!   I have been trying pretty hard to find a great curriculum/resource pack for teaching financial management.  I have several piecemeal resources, but was wondering if any of you knew about something tha...
    Parker Bane
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  • Marketing Plan

    Does anyone have students write a marketing plan for crops/livestock?  If so, does anyone have a rubric I could see on what they score them on?   Thanks Cathy
    Cathy Doorneweerd
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  • Agriculture Business Class Project Needed!!!

    This is my first year teaching Ag Business.  I would like to implement a year long project for my students that will educate them on the development of an ag business.  The vision I have for this is they would have to...
    jenn heinzmann
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  • Online FBM Simulator

    I was wondering if anyone new of a farm business management simulation online that is free to use. I have a farm business management unit coming up in a few weeks and I thought this would be a good way for the student...
    Bret Spurgin
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  • Elasticity of Demand

    Does anyone have some elasticity of demand problems they would share from their old contest problems or class stuff?   Thanks,
    John Jones
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  • 2010 Dairy Profit (or lack of)

    A preliminary assessment of Finan records indicates to me that top managers in the dairy business here in southeastern Minnesota may have lost only about $200 per cow during 2010. What are you finding?
    Wayne Pike
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  • Taxes Unit?

    I was wondering if anyone out there has had to do a unit on taxes, and if so are there any ideas or activities that you have done to increase students' interest in this area? I would appriciate any help that can be gi...
    Brenda McKinzie
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  • Entrepreneurship Class Help! need some worksheets for brainstorming a business idea

    I am a New Member! I am in need of a good worksheet to research and brainstorm business ideas. I want them to use the internet to see how others used an idea to create a business. Any suggestions? any worksheets for ...
    Marcia Kilgard
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