• H&R Block Budget Challenge

    Check out this free program sponsored by H&R Block to teach students about budgeting using a class simulation over several weeks. I am using this in my Agribusiness,Consumer Education course. The challenge is explaine...
    Scott Fairfield
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  • Ag Business warm ups

    Hi,   Does anyone have suggestions for warm ups as far as Ag Business is concerned? Next year will be my first time teaching it.   Thanks, Matt
    Matt Agnello
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  • Ag Business Curriculum Map

    Does anyone have an ag business curriculum map they would be willing to share?  I am planning an agribusiness class for next year and am trying to get an idea of unit sequencing.   Thanks!
    Heather Hill
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  • Does anyone have Ag Business lessons or curriculum?

    I am teaching an Ag Business class this year for the first time and I am struggling with lesson plans for my class. Any lesson or help would be greatly appreciated!
    Charmi Pommerening
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  • Checking in with the start of a new school year

    Good evening, and welcome to the updated communities of practice. Let's get some good Ag business management discussion going!  What are you excited for/nervous about teaching Ag business in the upcoming year?
    Parker Bane
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  • Agri-Entrepreneurship

    This resources offers twelve comprehensive lesson plans to help you introduce the idea of entrepreneurship to your students. Agri-Entrepreneurship breaks down the concept of entrepreneurship into 60+ minute lesson abo...
  • Ag Marketing Resource Center

    The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center has been working with the USDA to create a set of curriculum focused on all aspects of value-added agriculture. This curriculum covers a variety of topics including, livestoc...
    John Rasty
    created by John Rasty
  • Online Ag Course?

    Hello all,   I was wondering if anyone on this site teaches an online Ag course. Our Ag Dept. was just given the O.K. to run an online course for our Senior students. This class is generally focused on Ag business, ...
    Matt Tripp
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  • Ag Econ Help

    I am a second year teacher teaching my first year of Ag Econ. All of the students have had the mandatory econ class required for graduation and know the basics (supply and demand, opportunity costs, scarcity, etc.). I...
    Megan Thurk
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  • Packaging and Labeling

    My observation is coming up and I'm wanting to do a class activity in Ag Business. We are discussing Packaging and Labeling. I have attached a sample activity that I would like to do. However, If you done something si...
    Dawn Baker
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  • Co-op Work Release

    Does anyone have any forms that they utilize with students that will be released during the school day to work during the work release program? Anything that you have, I would greatly appreciate!   Thanks in advance!!
    Christina Bissey
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  • Ag Sales Unit?

      I'm looking for an Ag Sales unit to teach to my junior and senior Ag Business classes. I have a few other sources, but I like to combine different units and seek out new ideas. Anyone have a good one? Thanks in adv...
    Alison Derringer
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  • Help with Ag Business class - John Deere book

    I am in my 2nd year of teaching, and first year teaching Ag Business. We got the John Deere books to use, and the students have the workbooks. Does anyone have any additional worksheets or activities to share to help ...
    Maria Funk
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  • Good Resource on Futures and Forward Contract

    MIT OpenCourseWare has lectures on Finance.  If you go to lecture 8-9 at minute 8:46 Dr. Lo will begin talking about Futures and Forward Contracting.  I have attached the lecture notes for this lecture as well.   Ad...
    Diane Cornman
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  • The Informant

    Has anyone ever used/considered showing the informant in their Ag Business class? It has been several years since I have seen it, so I don't quite remember the quality (language/etc...) and I know that it is not 100% ...
    Kathryn Justus
    created by Kathryn Justus
  • Agriculture Business Curriculum

    What are you using to make Agriculture Business Curriculum engaging for students, less pencil paper and more enjoyable?   Does anyone use Agribusiness Decision and Dollars textbook?   Thanks!
    Susannah Miller
    created by Susannah Miller
  • Paying Labor in an Entrepreneurship

    I'm not teaching Ag Bus this year, but whenever we get into budgets (enterprise or whole-business), there's always a lot of student debate on why an entrepreneur needs to budget for their own labor.  Part of it is tha...
    Melanie Bloom
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  • Analyzing Annual Reports

    A project students can do in conjunction with financial ratio's -- compare businessess across the agricultural spectrum.   Most companies will send a recent annual report for the asking.
    Matt Eddy
    created by Matt Eddy
  • Great Ag Business Curriculum Resources in another Space

    I saw this in the Ag Economics space and thought I'd share it here too. It's a fantastic resource from one of our members!   Curriculum Information for Introduction to Agribusiness Course
    Parker Bane
    created by Parker Bane
  • GREAT ag business / farm business resource

    Iowa State University Extension has a great resource for ag teachers to utilize.  I use this site for readings, student activities and calculators.  The readings available here rival any textbook I've ever tried.   H...
    Melanie Bloom
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