• Ag Cooperatives Unit

    Referenced from my college class on cooperatives, I made a short unit teaching about agricultural cooperatives. The resources include a PowerPoint which discusses cooperative history, cooperative principles, and ways ...
    Loghan Hallett
    created by Loghan Hallett
  • Estate Planning project (1).docx

    Want to teach estate planning with real-world connections? Try this week long project that will help your students plan the succession of a farm in an amicable way that will be fair to all of the heirs using land valu...
    Melissa Bonifas
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  • Introduction to Cooperatives: Videos and Worksheets

    If you're interested in teaching the history, purpose and structure of cooperatives, here are some materials.  Videos can be accessed at https://vimeo.com/album/5629854   One video is a general introduction to coope...
    Michael S. Retallick
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  • Agribusiness Book Report List

    I thought I would share my book list with you all for my Agribusiness Management class.  I teach it independently so this is a good way for the kids to think outside the box.  If you have anymore, feel free to add it ...
    Lynn Fischer
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  • Tax Unit

    I was searching for a customizable unit on Taxes to teach my Ag Business students and discovered this site: Understanding Taxes It provides the following: Access all the great educational content found in the Unde...
    Stephanie Jolliff
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  • Personal Insurance Project

    Attached is a Personal Insurance Project that I utilize to assess my students at the end of a unit on personal Insurance
    Parker Bane
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  • Gettting students to think about financial documents in a different way.

    Attached to this post, I've put up a template that I have my students use to research large, well-known agricultural companies.  Many of my students struggle to understand financial documents, so I have found that hav...
    Parker Bane
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  • Worksheet for Percentages and Interest Calculations

    Attached is a worksheet I've used for interest rate and percentage calculations.  I don't necessarily know that I've created an answer key.
    Parker Bane
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  • Economic System Starter "Activity"

    Often, I've started off my Ag Business courses with a review of economic systems.  One of my favorite activities has been to play monopoly with the students on a modified basis.  I would break the class up into groups...
    Parker Bane
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  • Cooperative lessons - Heath Ahrens.doc

    Lesson plans on cooperatives and career opportunities.  This was developed as part of a scholarship requirement to attend a CASE training.
    Heath Ahrens
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  • Cotton Crop Production Activity

    To increase the level of higher order thinking in my agriscience classes, I have created a document that covers all areas of agriculture that my students have learned over the years and required them to utilize all of...
    Katee McSpadden
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  • Using Interactive Excel Technology: 21st Century Risk & Decision Anaylsis for Risk Management

    Workshop materials for this CLASSROOM TESTED use of simulations and interactive Excel spreadsheets available in most schools on most computers are attached below.   The Workshop Overview:   Risk management is the k...
    Joan M. Mazur
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  • Ideas for Ag Business Managment Class

    I asked my fellow Ag Teachers for some help on ideas for activities to do with my ag business management class. Attached is a list of what I received from them.
    Annette Applegate
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