• Personal Insurance Project

    Attached is a Personal Insurance Project that I utilize to assess my students at the end of a unit on personal Insurance
    Parker Bane
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  • Great Ag Business Curriculum Resources in another Space

    I saw this in the Ag Economics space and thought I'd share it here too. It's a fantastic resource from one of our members!   Curriculum Information for Introduction to Agribusiness Course
    Parker Bane
    created by Parker Bane
  • GREAT ag business / farm business resource

    Iowa State University Extension has a great resource for ag teachers to utilize.  I use this site for readings, student activities and calculators.  The readings available here rival any textbook I've ever tried.   H...
    Melanie Bloom
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  • Commodity Challenge: A free resource for teaching about commodity markets and marketing

    Hi. My name is Edward Usset and I am a grain marketing specialist and teacher with the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota. I am happy to introduce you to Commodity Challenge, an on-li...
    Edward Usset
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  • Ag Business

    I am currently looking for some powerpoints and worksheet to accompany Agribusiness Decisions and Dollars 2nd ed. by Jack Elliot.  I am currently locked out of my teaching files because the network is down while the r...
    Shelia Schenk
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  • Cotton Crop Production Activity

    To increase the level of higher order thinking in my agriscience classes, I have created a document that covers all areas of agriculture that my students have learned over the years and required them to utilize all of...
    Katee McSpadden
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  • Business Plan

    Would anyone out there have an example of a small livestock business, business plan?  MT is requiring them for tax purposes now and I would like an example of one to teach off of.  Thank you! Shelia
    Shelia Schenk
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  • Using Interactive Excel Technology: 21st Century Risk & Decision Anaylsis for Risk Management

    Workshop materials for this CLASSROOM TESTED use of simulations and interactive Excel spreadsheets available in most schools on most computers are attached below.   The Workshop Overview:   Risk management is the k...
    Joan M. Mazur
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