• Tax Unit

    I was searching for a customizable unit on Taxes to teach my Ag Business students and discovered this site: Understanding Taxes It provides the following: Access all the great educational content found in the Unde...
    Stephanie Jolliff
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  • Gettting students to think about financial documents in a different way.

    Attached to this post, I've put up a template that I have my students use to research large, well-known agricultural companies.  Many of my students struggle to understand financial documents, so I have found that hav...
    Parker Bane
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  • Using Interactive Excel Technology: 21st Century Risk & Decision Anaylsis for Risk Management

    Workshop materials for this CLASSROOM TESTED use of simulations and interactive Excel spreadsheets available in most schools on most computers are attached below.   The Workshop Overview:   Risk management is the k...
    Joan M. Mazur
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