• Good Resource on Futures and Forward Contract

    MIT OpenCourseWare has lectures on Finance.  If you go to lecture 8-9 at minute 8:46 Dr. Lo will begin talking about Futures and Forward Contracting.  I have attached the lecture notes for this lecture as well.   Ad...
    Diane Cornman
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  • Tax Unit

    I was searching for a customizable unit on Taxes to teach my Ag Business students and discovered this site: Understanding Taxes It provides the following: Access all the great educational content found in the Unde...
    Stephanie Jolliff
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  • Paying Labor in an Entrepreneurship

    I'm not teaching Ag Bus this year, but whenever we get into budgets (enterprise or whole-business), there's always a lot of student debate on why an entrepreneur needs to budget for their own labor.  Part of it is tha...
    Melanie Bloom
    created by Melanie Bloom
  • Analyzing Annual Reports

    A project students can do in conjunction with financial ratio's -- compare businessess across the agricultural spectrum.   Most companies will send a recent annual report for the asking.
    Matt Eddy
    created by Matt Eddy
  • Gettting students to think about financial documents in a different way.

    Attached to this post, I've put up a template that I have my students use to research large, well-known agricultural companies.  Many of my students struggle to understand financial documents, so I have found that hav...
    Parker Bane
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  • Great Ag Business Curriculum Resources in another Space

    I saw this in the Ag Economics space and thought I'd share it here too. It's a fantastic resource from one of our members!   Curriculum Information for Introduction to Agribusiness Course
    Parker Bane
    created by Parker Bane
  • GREAT ag business / farm business resource

    Iowa State University Extension has a great resource for ag teachers to utilize.  I use this site for readings, student activities and calculators.  The readings available here rival any textbook I've ever tried.   H...
    Melanie Bloom
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  • Ag Business Worksheets

    Does anyone have any good Cash-Flow worksheets or activities that I could utilize with my Ag Management and Technology Class?  I am looking for some real like examples that kids that work on.  We're just starting our ...
    Kelsey Carlson
    created by Kelsey Carlson
  • Decisions and Dollars

    I am going to use the Decisions and Dollars curriculum for my ag biz class this year.  I had planned on getting some PPTs made up before I went on maternity leave.  I ended up on leave earlier than I expected.  I am w...
    Shelia Schenk
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  • Ag Business

    I am currently looking for some powerpoints and worksheet to accompany Agribusiness Decisions and Dollars 2nd ed. by Jack Elliot.  I am currently locked out of my teaching files because the network is down while the r...
    Shelia Schenk
    created by Shelia Schenk
  • Business Plan

    Would anyone out there have an example of a small livestock business, business plan?  MT is requiring them for tax purposes now and I would like an example of one to teach off of.  Thank you! Shelia
    Shelia Schenk
    created by Shelia Schenk
  • Taxes Unit?

    I was wondering if anyone out there has had to do a unit on taxes, and if so are there any ideas or activities that you have done to increase students' interest in this area? I would appriciate any help that can be gi...
    Brenda McKinzie
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  • Using Interactive Excel Technology: 21st Century Risk & Decision Anaylsis for Risk Management

    Workshop materials for this CLASSROOM TESTED use of simulations and interactive Excel spreadsheets available in most schools on most computers are attached below.   The Workshop Overview:   Risk management is the k...
    Joan M. Mazur
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