• Introduction to Cooperatives: Videos and Worksheets

    If you're interested in teaching the history, purpose and structure of cooperatives, here are some materials.  Videos can be accessed at https://vimeo.com/album/5629854   One video is a general introduction to coope...
    Michael S. Retallick
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  • Tax Unit

    I was searching for a customizable unit on Taxes to teach my Ag Business students and discovered this site: Understanding Taxes It provides the following: Access all the great educational content found in the Unde...
    Stephanie Jolliff
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  • Economic System Starter "Activity"

    Often, I've started off my Ag Business courses with a review of economic systems.  One of my favorite activities has been to play monopoly with the students on a modified basis.  I would break the class up into groups...
    Parker Bane
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