• Where the Fast Lane Ends Video Worksheet

    I am looking for a worksheet for the FFA video "Where the Fast Lane Ends".  Anyone have one.
    Danielle Blair
    created by Danielle Blair
  • Where can I find the document outlined below?

    I heard there was a document of some sort that was titled something along the lines of "Volunteer Inventory".
  • Does anyone have a part they use for officer installation part for a Junior Advisor?

    We are looking to add a Junior Advisor to our officer team and are wanting an officer installation part.  Any help?   Thanks, Amy
    Amy Nichols
    last modified by Amy Nichols
  • AgriBusiness Management Text

    I am looking for a recommendation for an Ag Business Text for my Senior Class I teach. I did purchase the John Deere One and it was was just very dry and hard to work though for the most part. So I thought I would rea...
    Kayla Thompson
    created by Kayla Thompson
  • Help creating content, blogs etc

    How do you create blogs or any type of content? I cant seem to find how do create content here. I somehow did a blog but not sure how thanks!
    Lucy Hand
    created by Lucy Hand
  • Does anyone have an example of what the secretary minutes are supposed to look like for the parliamentary procedure LDE?

    I am trying to train a secretary to take minutes during our parliamentary demonstrations and can't find an example.  Does anyone have an example they give secretaries to train with?
    Charlotte Forst
    created by Charlotte Forst
  • Alternative to FFA Creed

    What has everyone used for an alternative to the FFA Creed for none FFA members?
    Sarah Whiting
    created by Sarah Whiting
  • Maternity Leave

    Hello Everyone!   I was wondering if any of you have lesson plans/ projects for a teacher about to go on maternity who is leaving her students with a sub whos only background in ag is her husband farms. We have a gre...
  • Agriscience - metalworking/ welding

    Good morning,   I have two students who are looking to do an agriscience project with metalworking and are looking for ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions?   They were thinking to do something with the strength ...
    created by Stephanie
  • Freshwater Habitat Scenarios

    Im doing a Freshwater Unit. I was wondering if any one had scenarios, that deal with Freshwater Habitats.Looking at having students read the scenario and develop a plan to manage the habitat. Anything would help
    James Jansen
    created by James Jansen
  • RFDTV in the Classroom

    We all know RFDTV streams the National FFA Convention, but there are so many other useful resources when you subscribe to the online RFDTV.  Does anyone use their shows in their classes and if so, which ones and how d...
    Jordan Shipton
    created by Jordan Shipton
  • Curriculum Help!

    Hey, y'all.   I'm teaching a whole new slate of classes this year and was wondering if anyone had any curriculum, lesson plans, class maps, activies, etc. for Livestock Production or Wildlife. I would be incredibly g...
    Whitney Stretcher
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  • Egg Candler

    I am wanting to buy an egg candler for my classroom and poultry cde team, but I don't know which one to buy. I want won that is close to what the kids would see at National FFA Convention. Any help would be appreciated!