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  • Step-by-Step: Set Up the Jive Daily App on your Mobile Device

    The Jive Daily app is a great way to use Communities of Practice on your phone or tablet. Through the free app, you can quickly, search, comment and post, and get notifications when something you’re following is updat...
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  • Power, Structure & Technology class?

    Like most of you were are now teaching from home. I was instructed that we have to come up with a project that will take the students 3 to 4 weeks. Does anyone have ideas for Power Structure and Technology class? 
    created by Tim
  • Middle School Application Process

    We are starting a middle school program next year and needing some information.  We have 2 high school programs in the county and will have 3 middle schools with an 8th grade program next year.  The 8th graders will b...
    Aaron Tucker
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  • Where the Fast Lane Ends Video Worksheet

    I am looking for a worksheet for the FFA video "Where the Fast Lane Ends".  Anyone have one.
    Danielle Blair
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  • Food Science

    I am having to teach a food science 2 course next semester. I covered food safety, technology, meat and dairy in Food Science 1. Anyone have ideas for other topics to cover in Foods 2? I will probably go more in depth...
    Micayla Schmidt
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  • How to limit or sort the number of students in your program?

    Help!  I need a good way to sort out students for our agriculture education program.  I have way to many students who want to be in our agriculture program, and not enough classroom space.  I am a one teacher departme...
  • Where can I find the document outlined below?

    I heard there was a document of some sort that was titled something along the lines of "Volunteer Inventory".
  • Ideas Unlimited 2019 revised edition naae.docx

    Shari Graffunder
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  • Does anyone have a part they use for officer installation part for a Junior Advisor?

    We are looking to add a Junior Advisor to our officer team and are wanting an officer installation part.  Any help?   Thanks, Amy
    Amy Nichols
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  • AgriBusiness Management Text

    I am looking for a recommendation for an Ag Business Text for my Senior Class I teach. I did purchase the John Deere One and it was was just very dry and hard to work though for the most part. So I thought I would rea...
    Kayla Thompson
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  • Meat Science unit

    I'm doing a meat science unit were we have learned about beef, pork and poultry. I am wanting to do one more unit on Wild Game meats. Anyone have powerpoints, materials and labs to go along with this unit??
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  • Help creating content, blogs etc

    How do you create blogs or any type of content? I cant seem to find how do create content here. I somehow did a blog but not sure how thanks!
    Lucy Hand
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  • Does anyone have an example of what the secretary minutes are supposed to look like for the parliamentary procedure LDE?

    I am trying to train a secretary to take minutes during our parliamentary demonstrations and can't find an example.  Does anyone have an example they give secretaries to train with?
    Charlotte Forst
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  • New "Cornell" Vet Sci Curriculum-Office Management Lesson

    We had the pleasure of hearing great feedback from many folks at National FFA Convention and NAAE. Our project, a vastly updated curriculum from the 2002 version places 160 lessons in teachers' hands. This is a not-fo...
    Julia Smith
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  • Updated "Cornell" Veterinary Sciences Curriculum: Cardio Lesson

    Attached is a lesson from our Cardio Unit. This lesson was written by Tara Berescik. Hope it is helpful!   Below is an outline of the unit. As with all of the units, it is designed to be "cherry picked" and custom de...
    Julia Smith
    created by Julia Smith
  • "New" Veterinary Sciences Curriculum Lesson-Microbiology

    When we began the process of revamping the original veterinary science curriculum we felt there needed to be a microbiology unit. Mattea LeFever, LVT/Teacher did a fantastic job putting together a strong unit. This un...
    Julia Smith
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  • Updated Vet Science Curriculum: Safety Lesson Preview

    As we are all gearing up for the new school year and thinking about our first units, we often think "safety".  Attached is  lesson A.1.1. The Role of OSHA from the updated Veterinary Sciences Curriculum. Hope this hel...
    Julia Smith
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  • Program Promotional Brochure Example

    Hi Everyone!   I recently created this promotional brochure for my program that highlights teaching strategies and curriculum.   Please feel free to make a copy and edit it to suit your program needs.    https:/...
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  • Food Evolution Worksheeet

    Does anyone have a worksheet/assignment they have created to the Food Evolution movie?
    Chris Smith
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