Julie Fritsch

Does CoP look strange? Here's the Fix.

Blog Post created by Julie Fritsch on Oct 12, 2016

Since we've updated Communities of Practice, we have had reports from some people that when they load the site, they get a strange-looking jumble of links and images, like this:


stylesheet-error.jpg After working with Jive, the company that hosts the CoP platform, we think the problem is that some networks block the stylesheet that tells CoP how to arrange it's components into a nice, neat, readable format. If you're seeing this when you log into Communities of Practice, try asking your network administrator to unblock the following two URL's:


Hopefully that will fix the problem.


If you have any other issues, or this doesn't resolve your view of CoP, please contact me, CoP administrator Julie Fritsch at jfritsch.naae@uky.edu.


Happy CoP'ing!