• School Code of Conduct and FFA

    Our school district is updating our code of conduct and ask that I include a section on how the incidents would apply to FFA. For example, if a student was caught drinking would this incident prevent a member from par...
    Wendy Erbsen
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  • How do you help students get the most out of FFA?

    Hi, my name is Melissa Lucas.  I'm an agricultural education student at USU.  I've been putting together a collection of ideas to use when I go out and teach, and I've been thinking a lot about how to get my future st...
    Melissa Ingram
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  • FFA Reflections

    This year has not gone anywhere close to as planned or thought from the standpoint of FFA or otherwise. I was looking to see what you all do for reflection or how you analyze the year with your officers? I have been a...
    Jeremy Ryan
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  • Ivy League Farmer

    Like many of you, I received my Ivy League Farmer DVD in the mail yesterday after convention. Has anyone used this as a teaching resource before? Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas or resources for incorporating ...
    Rebecca Farrow
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  • FFA Unity

    I am 1 of 4 teachers in our department. I teach Natural Resources and all the more "traditional" ag courses where my colleagues teach Landscape, Horticulture, and Gas and Oil. We seem to have a rift between all the cl...
    Brittany Sheckler
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  • The FFA Creed & Sub Plans

    I am going to be gone tomorrow. Does anyone have good plans to leave with Freshman that are in the middle of presenting the Creed?
    Jessy Reuterdahl
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  • What do you do for a student whose parent has passed away?

    Hello!  We have had two of our students have parents pass away during the last six months.  I'm just curious what you guys have done for students who have had parents pass away.  It's obviously a really sensitive issu...
    Lisa Clement
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  • Chapter to Chapter Skype

    Hello, all,   This will be my first year teaching. I'm in a very, VERY small community in West Virginia, and I'd love for "my kids" to get to experience something outside our small town without leaving the classroom...
    Ashley Cochran
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  • FFA Reward Trip - How to earn?

    I am now full time in a program where I was the long term sub last school year. Each year they do a Ag Tour trip to different businesses in a region of our state as a reward for students who earn a certain number of '...
    Alison Derringer
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  • Official Dress

    I am curious to see how you organize your Official dress. I am struggling with students loosing scarfs, ties etc. I plan to label them all with fabric markers (on the inside) and have a sign out sheet. Can you suggest...
    Pebbles Lacross
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  • Official Dress

    I am curious to see how you organize your Official dress. I am struggling with students loosing scarfs, ties etc. I plan to label them all with fabric markers (on the inside) and have a sign out sheet. Can you suggest...
    Pebbles Lacross
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  • 2nd Year FFA Chapter

    The 2015-16 school year will be the 2nd year of the FFA chapter/ ag program. It will also be my first year there. I am looking for some basic chapter constitutions and officer rules, or other important documents that ...
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  • Summer Officer Retreat

    I am wanting to do a summer officer retreat this year. I am talking going 6-7 hours away, do some industry tours and do some planning for the upcoming year. (So there will be fun and work time.) I have some ideas, bu...
    Sarah Knutson
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  • Has anyone entered/won the FFA T-Shirt Design Contest?

    I am planning on having students design t-shirts while I have a sub, but was looking for more details than the rules provide. I am planning on having the Tech kids turn the top 5 shirts into digital pictures for me. I...
    Sara Hurst
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  • Floral Design Practice

    I do not have a floral design class, but am preparing my students to participate in several floral design shows and the floral design CDE. My students are required to attend workshops prior to participate in the shows...
    Sara Cobb
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  • Agriculture and FFA in the News - Chapter and Program

    I wanted to start a location for individuals to post articles, links, videos about their agricultural education program or FFA Chapter.  There is a lot of awesome things going on and why not share it with those would ...
    Josh Day
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  • Scantron machine advice

    Our district is looking into buying a scantron machine for our district contests. We are questioning whether we should buy into the judgingcard.com version or if we should purchase the machine directly from scantron. ...
    Blair Wilkerson
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  • Needing a Chapter Scrapbook outline

    Looking for an outline or guild of pages and information that should be in a competitive chapter scrapbook. I am a first year teacher at a school that hasn't really done a scrapbook in the past. I have several student...
    Nicole Crocker
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  • Using Marketplace in AET

    Hi Everyone.  I was wondering if anyone has experience with using the Marketplace tool within AET?  I am curious as I want to utilize some kind of online format for our fruit sale this year.  Thank you!T
    Diane Cornman
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  • How much does your chapter spend on Officer Retreat?

    I am planning this summers retreat.  In recent years, we have had an officer's family offer their cabin for our use for free, and so have spent very little on retreat.  That option is not available this year, and it w...
    Barb Roesler
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