• St. Louis to Indy Tours

    We are traveling from St. Louis to Indy this year. Any ideas of tours or sites to see between St. Louis and Indianapolis? We are a group of 17 in vans and can venture off of I-70.  Thank you in advance!
    David Wilson
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  • I am looking to improve my officer application and interview process. What do you do for electing officers?

    I have attached my officer application students fill out. The students then are interviewed by a senior FFA member, two teachers, and some in the ag industry. #officerapplications #officerinterviews
    Randi Koehler
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  • General Livestock judging

    Does anyone use judging101.com for a livestock judging resource? I have been trying to figure out how to actually subscribe to it. Other good (cheap) resources?
    Maria Funk
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  • CDE Grade Requirements

    Do you put grade requirements in place for your CDE teams? I have a member on my Electricity team who is failing or almost failing 3 classes and I don't feel comfortable taking him out of school 4 times in 2 weeks for...
    Billy Eddy
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  • Parli HELP

    I do not have much experience with pariamentary procedure.  At the end of next week I will be starting a basic, and an advanced unit on parliamentary procedure.  I am wondering if anyone has any tips, or ideas on simp...
    Zane Christensen
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  • Ag Sales CDE Lesson Plans

    I have never participated in the Ag Sales CDE but I'm supposed to teach a class while student teaching about Ag Sales based around the CDE. Does anyone have / know of a good place to get lesson plans for Ag Sales? It'...
    Heather Drzal
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  • Where can I find "Are you as smart as your ag teacher? question?

    I am looking for the bank of questions used at a past National FFA Convention in a competition at career show " Are you smarter than your ag teacher?".
    Joe Linthicum
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  • Dairy Food Contest

    My chapter is putting on our Dairy Food Contest this spring and I can use all the help I can get.  I have the list of cheeses and milk sample mixes but there was more stuff that they covered at States.  Can anyone poi...
    Lindsay Spurrier
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  • FFA Sweetheart

    Does anyone have an FFA Sweetheart application they would share.  My students have be bugging me for several years to start one.
    Bill Costanzo
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  • Opening Ceremonies Game

    I am trying to find a fun game or activity for my freshman when I teach opening ceremonies. I've heard of teachers having them present them any way they want, such as a rap or song, etc. Does anybody have any ideas or...
  • Vet Science CDE Materials

    Hi all,   I am preparing some students for the Vet Science CDE (NC) and would appreciate any advice, materials, etc. that would help with training/preparation.   Feel free to reply to this post or email me. cjh3...
    Chris Hicks
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  • Dairy Products CDE

    I am a 2nd year teacher and would like to start practicing with my students for the Dairy Products CDE.  If you have any lessons or supplemental information that I can use I would greatly appreciate you sharing it wit...
    Heidi Doyle
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  • FFA Emblem

    Our chapter is looking for a DXF format of the FFA Emblem to be used on our Plasma CAM machine.  Does anyone have a file they would be able to share or information on how we can convert a JPEG to the required DXF form...
    Clyde Johnson
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  • FFA, SAE, CDE Curriculum

    Hi Everyone!   As this year is coming to a close I have been reflecting on my lessons. I realized that my FFA and SAE curriculum need some revamping!   I have posted the PPT's I use and I do a variety of activities...
    Pebbles Lacross
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  • Committee Chair as FFA Officer Position

    We have decided to add an officer position of Committee Chair.  This officer will make sure are committees are organized, function and are productive to help our chapter. I am wondering if there exists an opening cere...
    David Wilson
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  • Selecting members for banquet awards

    I am wrapping up my first year as a teacher and I am coming in to the final turn with banquet season. The past couple of years our chapter has been in and out of a teacher. The last teacher (before I got hired) didn't...
    Ashley Burks-Norwood
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  • Ag Sales

    I was wondering if anyone had an example Ag Sales binder? Or how to set up a binder.
    Breanne Gray
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  • Greenhand Leadership Workshop Ideas??

    This year I have a very promising group of Greenhands and want to really groom them from the start to help replace the excellent leaders I lost in last years seniors and this years seniors (my Juniors/sophomores are k...
    Bryana Hamlin
    created by Bryana Hamlin
  • Greenhand Requirements- From Boo to Yahoo!!!

    What are some ways to make teaching the different greenhand components (pledge, motto, creed, etc) more exciting so students want to learn them?
    Niccole Haslam
    created by Niccole Haslam
  • FFA Sweetheart Activities

    We started up an FFA Sweetheart 3 years ago and it is going well, but I was wondering what other schools do.  I have seen cakes online that students have made for the contest, but I was wondering what else can be part...
    Bill Costanzo
    created by Bill Costanzo