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Red Brand is gearing up to assist victims of last week's devastating wildfires in the states of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.


With the destruction of nearly 2 million acres of farm and ranch land, the death of hundreds of thousands of livestock, and the tragic loss of human life, the executives at Keystone Steel & Wire (KSW), manufacturer of Red Brand fence, have reinstated the Fire Relief Program, created after last year's Anderson Creek Wildfires in Kansas and Oklahoma.


"We are saddened by the tremendous amount of loss," expressed Darren Markey, Executive Director of Wire Products at KSW, "and want to support those affected with the recovery efforts so they can get back to normal as soon as possible. Fortunately, Red Brand is poised to assist with the immediate need for fencing products. We already have a substantial amount of product on the ground at local dealers and we're ready to ship more where needed," Markey explained.


"We understand that having product on hand is part of the solution," he continued, "but clearing destroyed fence lines and replacing those fences with new product takes time and manpower. Last year, we implemented an FFA service project challenge called 'The Red Brand Wildfire Relief Program' to mobilize volunteers. By partnering with FFA chapters, Red Brand encourages groups to seek out neighbors that need help with fence tear out or rebuilding. In return, Red Brand will donate up to $500 to the local FFA chapters that coordinate these efforts."


In addition to the free labor provided by teams of FFA volunteers, consumers and contractors can take advantage of various rebate programs available at participating dealers. These programs will provide a cost savings on qualifying fence products.



For information and details on how to get involved with the Red Brand Wildfire Relief Program, contact Dain Rakestraw, Red Brand Marketing Manager, at or 309.697.7063. Information will also be available at You can also follow Red Brand updates at





  • Properties directly affected by the March 2017 wildfires in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas
  • Location must be confirmed by FFA Advisor


Red Brand Contribution:

  • Up to $500 donated to organizing FFA chapter (amount to be determined by Red Brand, based on the scope of the project).
  • FFA Chapters must submit photos of their work along with details of the project such as, number of volunteers and length of project, along with their chapter name, advisor name, and contact information.


Rebates on fence:

  • Available through Home Grown, Red Brand's Certified Fence Installer program and NTRA Membership.



About Red Brand

Keystone Steel & Wire Company, founded in 1889, created Red Brand fence to be the premier agricultural fencing product in the country and it quickly became a household name on American farms. The use of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship earned Red Brand the reputation of 'the most respected name in farm fence'. Truly American-made from start to finish, the products delivered by Red Brand boast an earth-friendly component, as 100% of the wire used to produce its line of fencing is made of reclaimed and recycled steel. Appealing to a broad range of consumers and building on the early success of its products, Red Brand has enjoyed a loyal following from generations of farmers, ranchers and hobbyists. For complete details of Red Brand's history and full product line, visit


Contact Information:

Dain Rakestraw                     

Marketing Manager

Red Brand/Keystone Steel & Wire

7000 SW Adams St.

Peoria, IL 61641


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