• Resource Spotlight: Pet Store Management SAE

    Watch as FFA member Denisha Washington from Seneca FFA in Louisville, Ky., shows us her supervised agricultural experience working at a local pet store. She gives us a tour of the pet store, shows us the types of anim...
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • SAE Rubrics & Video Tutorials

    One of my goals for this year was to get a functional SAE program up and running in my chapter again. I use AET and have developed marking period rubrics that I use to have all students complete their project. I have ...
    Sara Cobb
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  • SAE Teacher and Student Guides

    Hello Ag. Educators,   National FFA now have student and teacher guides for Supervised Agricultural Experience! Here is the link with more information: https://www.ffa.org/ffa2015/Pages/New-SAE-Resources.aspx
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • SAE-Required For all Ag Students

    I have a required Exploratory SAE for each of my nine 45 day/term ag science courses.    -this SAE  is in addition to any other SAE such as our Livestock Show Team or employment SAE's they may have   We use AET for...
    Deb Seibert
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  • Anyone have a PPT that explains SAE and all types of SAE?

    Just checking in to see if anyone had ever put together a PPT that goes over SAE and explains it in depth. Looking for something that I can use with my freshman this year to do a better job of explaining SAE and the a...
    Amy Burmeister
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  • Entrepreneurship SAE: Square Watermelons And Pumpkins

    Introducing Hunter Logan! Hunter is coming to us from Oregon……Oregon, Missouri.  He has a fascinating supervised agricultural experience.  He is producing square watermelons and square pumpkins.  I have...
    Matt Brechwald
    created by Matt Brechwald
  • Entrepreneurship SAE: Raising and Selling Tomatoes

    Click on the hyperlink below for episode 158 for Off-Farm Income Podcast.     http://www.offincome.com/ofi-158-you-say-tomato-i-say-entrepreneur-ffa-sae-edition-taylor-sanders-ravenna-high-school-ffa/ Introducing T...
    Matt Brechwald
    created by Matt Brechwald
  • Financial Literacy in SAE

    Daniel Foster was joined by Roger Hanagriff in last week's TeachAgChat related to Financial Literacy in SAE.  There's some statements and resources worth exploring, as well as some honesty from Jessie Lumpkins that I ...
    Robin McLean
    created by Robin McLean
  • SAE Final Grade

    Hello Fellow Ag. Teachers,   It is the end of year and I assigned my students a semester SAE grade. For students who have zero hours from Jan-April, I have them write a 5 paragraph paper explaining why they don't hav...
    Sara Colombe
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  • AET Practice Step By Step Directions

    Hello!   While student teaching in Nebraska, I created a step by step directions sheet, including photos of various screens within AET, for my freshmen to use when they started using AET in class.  In Nebraska we use...
    Katie  Hothem
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  • Final SAE Projects Using AET

    I have finalized the student requirements for the student SAEs using the AET tracker.  I have the word documents with the requirements and rubrics for each type.  Some of the students have embraced the projects and ot...
    Johanna Davis
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  • #SpeakAg challenge is opportunity to engage SAEs

    #SpeakAg is an opportunity to engage your student SAEs on a broader stage than just your classroom--and you could get some cash for it.   NFFA is offering four-$1,000 rewards to teachers across the country (1 winner ...
    Nina Crutchfield
    created by Nina Crutchfield
  • Help with a study on Communities of Practice

    I am a faculty at the University of Memphis and currently conducting a study to understand how interaction in communities of practice influence knowledge management. Please help me out and and if possible send my surv...
    Ansah Kumi
    created by Ansah Kumi
  • Get Seeds, Supplies and Funding with Syngenta's Grow More Vegetables Seed Grant - Due Sept. 15

    Syngenta's Grow More Vegetables Seed Grant Program is intended to encourage the establishment of gardens by schools and organizations across the United States. All eligible grant applicants will receive vegetable seed...
    Julie Fritsch
    created by Julie Fritsch
  • Safety Policies for School-based Supervised Agricultural Experiences Programs - WEBINAR

    Friday, April 17 at 2:30 pm EDT Link: https://meeting.psu.edu/fresh/   This webinar will address the following: 1) Identify Best Practices for Supervision of Students participating in work-based learning, 2) Discuss ...
    Rebecca Lawver
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  • SAE and how to teach it.

    I am doing an introductory unit in student teaching that covers SAE. the former lessons teach the students calculation a bill of material and basically everything. Do any of you have lesson plans for teaching SAE and ...
    Megan Keller
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  • AET- Entering Awards

    Can anyone give me the instructions for entering student awards on AET. I have students who would like to enter awards to keep track of their achieETvements, but I cannot recall how to do it. Thank you!
    Sara Cobb
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  • Project Based Learning

    HI everyone I am looking for help at my new school.  I am teaching in a school that is entirely Project Based Learning.  I am looking for any and all resources that my students would be able to use in projects and for...
    Michaela Bengtson
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  • This is a video for a new free SAE resource site

    Video - Explore SAE Overview
    Roger Hanagriff
    created by Roger Hanagriff
  • School to Work - Social Media Lesson

    In my school to work program, there are a few weeks at the beginning of the semester that students are in the classroom, learning about various topics related to careers and professionalism. One of the topics I want t...
    Steve Lammers
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