Farrah Johnson

Happy New School Year!

Blog Post created by Farrah Johnson on Aug 29, 2011

     Whew! I don't know about you, but jumping back into the new school year, officer meetings and CDE practices and my first week back to school has been a whirlwind! Is it possible that I have already overbooked myself and what I need to accomplish? Although the anxiety of a new years soon fades into normalcy, we certainly need to keep our lives balanced and focused to keep all the "balls in the air"!

     Have you taken advantage of all the NAAE has to offer you to make your life easier? Not only can you find discounts available to you as a member, but you can also find a wealth of information on our website. Award winners, award applications, regional information and state leaders are just a few of the items you can find on the NAAE website. In addition, my favorite part of the website- the interactive Communities of Practice that so many of our members utilize. New to the profession? You can pose questions and seek help from experts in various fields all across the nation. Your ideas, questions and concern matter! Have you been in the Agricultural Education profession for a few years? You can offer council, guidance, lesson plans and more to others in need. Have you been teaching for a while and may have fallen into a rut? Guess what- you too can find new and innovative ideas that can brighten your lessons. Anyone been teaching long enough to have children of students or even grandchildren of students? Consider giving back to the profession and post lessons and ideas for others to use and modify for their own. We have millions of years of experience out there across this nation and I believe there is no reason for any agricultural educator to feel isolated or alone.

     I know that getting back into the swing of things is tough. I understand that may of us feel that "our lessons are not the best" or "I begged and borrowed this from someone else" or even "I just don't have the time right now". So with all of the many excuses I myself have used, I challenge YOU. Register for COP. Post just one thing this month. Next month- go for two. See the impact that these few little steps matter. Find something that you can use in your classroom and see just how much easier your life can get.