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Are You Raising the "Unharvestable Ear"?

Blog Post created by Charles Sappington on Aug 30, 2012

A new term that I learned this summer is the "Unharvestable Ear" which is in the result of the 2012 drought in many corn fields in the Midwest.

Many of the ears of corn in our corn field may have only 12 rows of corn on it or less and in some places no ears at all.  Agronomy experts are saying that if the ear has 12 rows or less, the combine will not be able to be adjusted to handle the smaller ears.  I can associate this problem with the students in our classrooms...are we raising unharvestable (employable) students?

In my classes, I am attempting match up my classes with Core Standards and I am asking WHY more and more in each of my classes.  If we simply ask our students to regurgitate information back on to a test then we are basically building flesh covered robots that cannot think for themselves.  Agriculture Educators need to keep pace with the rest of the teaching profession in preparing students to be able to think and solve real world issues and challenges....who better to do this than Ag Ed teachers?  If we are to fully prepare our students for college and the workforce, we as educators must make our student harvestable to our colleges and those who employ our students.




NAAE Convention is only three months away and MOUs for regional vice presidents and secretaries are due by September 15th.


The committee chair's MOUs will be coming out soon.


I hope your school year is off to a great start and we will be watching the skies here in the Midwest to see how much rain TS Isaac will bring us.




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