Charles Sappington

Now Is The Time For All Members To Come To The Aid Of Their Party!

Blog Post created by Charles Sappington on Jan 11, 2012

If you are as old as I am, you man ember typing something close to those words in typing class hundreds of times on a manual typewriter with onion skin paper.  The phrase that I typed for speed and accuracy in typing class is still stuck in my brain and it often comes to mind as I type on my computer.  As we start the New Year, I hope we can count on our members to come to the ad of AG ED and CTE in their fight to save Perkins funding and ward off the ill-advised Child Labor Law revisions.  Unfortunately our members are often under the impression that someone else is going to contact the legislators for us or we are under the assumption that surely they will not change the Child Labor sounds so ridiculous!  If we continue to sit on our hands, we will wake up one day wondering why our legislators cut our funding and or make changes that hurt the AG ED and CTE missions.  To see what issues are currently on the table, click on to review those issues and find out how to get more involved.


The 2011 NAAE convention is history but I think everyone will agree that the convention, professional development and social interactions of our members was awesome; thanks to the Missouri teachers for yet again putting on a spectacular convention.





Upcoming Date and Activities:


The 2012 ACTE National Policy Seminar (NPS) is right around the corner and provides an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of influencing federal decision makers you can review the program for NPS at



Teach AG Day is March 12th, 2012; you can click on to find new ways to celebrate and promote activities about Teach Ag Day.



As I start my third year on the NAAE Board, I am thankful for good friends, for having the greatest job anyone could ask for and the opportunity to serve the members in Region IV.