Charles Sappington

I Am A User!  Are You?

Blog Post created by Charles Sappington on Nov 2, 2011

I am a user...though that may sound odd, I am,  I try to use all the resources at my disposal.  There is no better opportunity to be a user than at the upcoming NAAE Convention in St. Louis, MO.  There are over 100 different professional development workshops that can use to help you with your daily teaching or maybe give insight on topics like preventing teacher burn out.  Go the NAAE website and under convention, click on 'Workshops"   A draft schedule is also available at the NAAE website as well as details on the Partner Reception and State Social.  The deadline for ordering tickets in advance for the state social has past but you can buy them at the registration desk.  But don't wait too long, there is a limited number for this awesome evening that the Missouri Ag Teachers are putting together so tickets will go fast.

Please be aware that there is a proposed Policy and Bylaws amendment that will be brought before the membership at the NAAE convention.  It essentially removes the dollar amounts stated in the bylaws for dues so that if the membership wishes to raise the dues, they can do so without having to amend the bylaws.  If the membership dues are raised, it would need a 2/3 majority vote by the delegates at the annual meeting and each state leaders must receive notification 30 days prior to convention.


I hope to see you at the NAAE convention and I hope you can find new ideas to teach in your classroom and time to recharge your batteries.



New!  Networking Reception.  If you are arriving at the convention on Tuesday, be sure to attend the newest NAAE event – the Networking Reception, hosted by the Teach Ag Campaign and sponsored by Pioneer HiBred International.  The event is scheduled for Tuesday evening from 9 to 10 PM.



Final words:  A 70+ year old gentleman was buying hay from me the other day and as we were getting ready to tie the load down on his truck, I was amazed to see him up on the cab of his truck throwing down string to tie down the hay.  Minutes later he carefully crawls down from the top of his truck and finishes tying it down.  After sharing this story with my wife Julia, she remarked "It is amazing what older people can do and younger people will not do".  I guess that is part of the mission of being an Ag educator, showing our students what they can do and then getting them to do it!