Charles Sappington

Caution:  Left Lane Closed Ahead!

Blog Post created by Charles Sappington on Sep 1, 2011

I find as I start the school year, I run into road blocks and detours in each teaching day; how we deal with these obstructions often dictates how our day will end.  If you traveled anywhere this past summer, you probably saw a lot of road construction with lane closures and possibly detours.  I agree it is a pain but it is an unavoidable circumstance is we want smooth safe roads.  As I traveled back from Missouri’s state Ag teacher’s conference this past July, which was awesome, I was amazed that the roads I traveled on in their state had very little construction.  The Missouri Ag Teachers are similar in the fact that they have very little detours in the road to success in their organization.  The influx of young high quality teachers as well as mentoring by seasoned teachers was evident and inspiring as I attended their luncheon, in-service and awards ceremony.  I commend the Missouri association and all of the state associations for having high quality Ag teacher organizations and services for their teachers in their respective states.

Information and dates to remember:

The NAAE had an increase in active membership last year, 526 new NAAE members last year but 75% of those members were not student members!

NAAE award apps are down in Ideas Unlimited and Teacher Mentor; please encourage your members throughout the year to identify members they deserve recognition in these areas.

Communities of Practice now has 2890 registered members….are you one of them?  If not….why not?

March 15th is Teach Ag Day…it is not too early to start making plans!

The 2011 NAAE Convention is November 16th – 19th in St. Louis, MO at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch….rooms are $136 per night.  The State Social is at the Anheuser=Busch Brewery from 6:30 PM to 10 PM on Thursday November 17th.   Tickets are $25 each, a limited number are available and October 31st is the deadline for ordering by check or PayPal.  You can check out the NAAE website for details on making room reservations and ordering tickets for the state social. 

New this year…..the Organizational and Partners Reception will have door prizes; members can enter to win by visiting the booths at the reception.

Are you interested in stepping up to the plate and taking the next step in becoming a leader in the NAAE at the national level? If you want to run Regional Secretary or an open Region V.P. position….  MOUs are due by Sept. 15th and can be downloaded from the NAAE website.

See you in St. Louis.