Charles Sappington


Blog Post created by Charles Sappington on Mar 1, 2011

Do you see the cycle in your school?  It seems this year has been a year of extremes and I have found myself pondering how high are the highs going to be and how low will the lows be.  In our school district, this past Monday was Black Monday for many teachers.  With our state behind in state aid payments, drastic measures have been taken in many school districts in attempts to balance the budget.  I have watched the news and talk of budget deficiets and I think I realize how bad it is but now that it has hit my home district, I ask myself "Is this as bad as its going to get?"  As Ag instructors who advise the FFA, we have the distinct advantage where we have a program where students get up out of their seats, learn by doing and use their brains for solving practical real problems.  If the Ag program is well promoted and the administration sees the "Added Value" that you and your  program bring the the table, then odds are you should be ok.  Therin lies the challenge!  Are we promoting our programs enough?  Sure our fellow teachers and administration probably see what good things we do with our programs inside our school but do people on the outside see the same thing?  Have some of us fallen into that trap where the community, including our local board of education, see us and label us as FFA advisors who teach agricultural education?  I hope not!  Your program and school will go through it's cycles of highs and lows but if we show that our Ag Ed programs are important to the school and are essential in the preparation of our students as they leave high school, then we can survive while others do not.