Charles Sappington

Don't Wait Till The Last Minute!

Blog Post created by Charles Sappington on Dec 30, 2010

Yes I know, I have put off Christmas shopping till the last is two days before Christmas and I still have several presents to buy.  It would be a lot easier if I knew what I was going to get for those family members that I have not scratched off my list.  In my Ag Ed program, I try not to procrastinate like I do with Christmas.  After returning home from the NAAE convention, I sifted through CEV and Lab Aid catalogs for instructional materials that will help me make my lessons more hands on and maintain student interest as much as possible.  On the flight home from Vegas, I was able to identify several items that I want to buy either this year or put on next year’s requisition list.  I wish more of our membership would take of advantage of the NAAE convention and all it has to offer; the nearly 150 professional development workshops are just one part of the rewarding opportunities that a member can take advantage of each year at our annual convention.

Early in my teaching career, I often thought “Wow -- What a great job!” and “I could teach year round.”  The summer months were great, but I was ready get back to school in the fall.  Now don’t get me wrong, as I get ready to finish my 27th year of teaching, I am still ready and eager to get back to the classroom each fall.  However, the summer break and even the Christmas break gives me a chance to re-energize and re-focus my teaching, and with the help of my high school Ag Advisory Council, improve my program and what it has to offer to my students.  As we go into 2011, I hope we all do not procrastinate, but take advantage of everything our professional organization has to offer. Let the NAAE help make each day rewarding for our students as well as ourselves.