Glenda Crook

Why You Should Serve as a NAAE Officer!

Blog Post created by Glenda Crook on Jul 26, 2016

I can hear it already...  Yes, I am super busy! Yes, I have a huge work load!  And Yes, I don't need one more thing to do! ......


BUT, one of the greatest aspects of a career in agricultural education is giving back. Giving back to the students, the school and the community. Serving as a NAAE officer also allows me to give back to the people I appreciate most -- my ag ed colleagues. As a NAAE officer, I have learned more about how the organization helps ag teachers across the country. I have learned about so many ag educators, ag programs, and ag stories that I would not have known about if I had not pursued this leadership position.



I know any of you would fight to the end for your students and your program, I apply that same feeling to my position as an officer, I fight for ag teachers and what is important to them and their career. Serving as an officer is a rewarding experience, similar to the rewards we gain as teachers -- you feel good about helping others and seeing them succeed. 


I highly recommend that you consider serving as an officer for NAAE, so you too can learn about the organization, learn about ag programs across the country, and fight and give back to the most amazing people -- your colleagues. So no excuses, put your name in the hat and run for a NAAE officer position.  All you need to do is have your school sign the MOU found in the Leadership Handbook, found at, and turn it in by September 15, 2016. Take yourself to the next level of agricultural education and serve as a national officer; you won't regret the experience!