Glenda Crook

Looking Forward to Region III!

Blog Post created by Glenda Crook on Jun 1, 2015

Only a few days left of school (who's counting?) and I am looking forward to my summer travels.  I have a lot of trips scheduled, but the one that promises to be the most adventurous will be my trip to Region III Conference.  I have signed up to take the journey to Scottsbluff, NE with a few of my Wisconsin friends, in none other than an RV.  Yes!  This can only mean one thing, we are bound to have an exciting trip!.  I have already been informed that there will be tour stops on the way (I already heard mention of the John Wayne Museum), and an overnight somewhere in between Wisconsin and Nebraska (not sure where yet). 

If you check out the NAAE Region III Facebook page, you may see other states are also planning adventurous trips using various modes of transportation.  If you haven't signed up to join one of these convoys, you are missing out.  I have been traveling to the Region III Conference for about 12 years and each year I gain a new adventure and many stories to share.  If I started to share all them here, you would have to read my blog for hours. 

The best part of the Region III Conference is traveling throughout the states in our region and visiting places you never would have gone to if it weren't for your ag teacher friends and companions.  Each association does a fabulous job of planning tours and activities to help expand the site seeing and learning that takes place on this trip.  Nebraska has three tours planned for us this year -- Brown's Sheep Mill, Pathfinder Irrigation District, and Western Sugar Company. 

Not to put all of the fun aside, but we will have business meetings in the morning on Tuesday, June 29 and Wednesday, June 30 to make important contributions to the NAAE. Soooo if you haven't registered for Region III yet, today is the day!  The hotel is taking reservations through today, June 1, so don't delay! A flyer is attached.  Registration can be done at this link:  NAAE Region III Conference.  Hurry and make your travel arrangements so you too can join in the adventures of Region III!


The chariot that will be taking me to Region III Conference in Scottsbluff, NE!  See you there!