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New Teacher News: Why Teach Ag?

Blog Post created by Amaris Ketcham on Apr 10, 2012


Why Teach Ag?

It can be easy this time of year to get wrapped up in the chaos that is an agriculture program. It may be hard to remember why you wanted to become an agriculture teacher in the first place. Most agriculture teachers will say the best part of teaching is working with the students. Each student has a unique personality, goals, and a never-ending capacity to make you laugh. In honor of National Teach Ag Day, I hope you will take a moment to celebrate the wonderful job you have, working with students, changing lives, and increasing agricultural literacy for so many people.


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Upcoming Dates to Remember


Get to Know Your NAAE Member Benefits

Being a member of NAAE is rewarding. The membership benefit feature this month is the National Teach Ag Campaign. The National Teach Ag Campaign is an initiative of the National Council, led by NAAE and sponsored by the CHS Foundation and Landmark Nurseries as a special project as the National FFA Foundation. In addition to the free online resources available on the Teach Ag website, NAAE members are eligible for Teach Ag grants and contests. For more on the Teach Ag Campaign visit the website.



For details about more benefits, go to NAAE's Membership Benefits page.


Meet Your NAAE Leaders


danKen Couture
NAAE President & Agriculture Teacher
Killingly High School
Dayville, CT
Ag Teacher for twenty-three years

Biggest benefit of NAAE membership to you: Professional development and networking with other ag teachers.

Favorite subject to teach: Aquaculture

Favorite CDE? Parliamentary Procedure CDE

What do you know now that you wish you would have known as a first year teacher? How much my career as a teacher would change over the last twenty-three years!

What is one thing you try to do every day as an ag teacher? Laugh and be thankful to be part of a great profession.

Why do you love being an agriculture teacher? I love seeing my students grow and mature over the four years I get to have them. I love learning alongside them.

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The National Teach Ag Campaign is a project of the National Council for Agricultural Education, led by the National Association of Agricultural Educators. For more information, visit the Teach Ag website. Funding for the National Teach Ag Campaign is provided by the CHS Foundation and Landmark Nurseries as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.

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