Andrea Fristoe

Mount Angel Brings Back Ag, FFA

Blog Post created by Andrea Fristoe on Oct 12, 2016

oregon.jpgA new school year often means changes, and Mount Angel is no different, especially when it comes to adding a much-desired program back into the curriculum.

The district has hired Korrie Shull as its new agricultural science teacher and FFA adviser. It has been nearly a decade since the district last offered this program, and it’s starting off small: Shull will start off working half-time, teaching two periods at the high school and one period of middle school students.

These include introduction to agricultural science and an occupational survey class for the high school level, as well as an introductory class for grades 7-8.

“It’s a survey class for junior high to get them excited so that when they come in as freshmen, they’re taking the agriculural class,” Shull said.

The hope is to expand class offerings in the future, so a student interested in animal science, for example, can take more specialized course.

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