Wether you are a Five Man Electrical Band Fan or Tesla Fan you probably know the song Signs.  Agricultural signs are everywhere, trespassing, biosecurity, and food handling to name a few.


Agricultural signs is a lesson on the many rules and regulations that come with participating in agriculture. At the end of the lesson students will be able to create their own sign that explains a law that is agriculturally related. Mostly used in a wildlife class setting this lesson can be used in a Food Products and Processing class.


The food lab has bare walls. As I guide the class through HACCP, GMP, and SOP I give each student a sign to make as part of the food safety unit. Students are given the overall safety rules of the foods lab and must create signs for the foods lab that show all of the rules. Students are required to find and print signs for the purposes of sinks, how to store food, and how food is labeled.


Students also make signs for appropriate attire, no food or drink in the lab, and hand washing directions.


It is a fun lab for students to create their own study guide for a safety test before processing any food. Students can use the signs as a guide/are hung on the wall for them to use as notes during the test.


It is a great way to give students the responsibility of food safety and begin discussions on the different requirements of HACCP.