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Monday Morning Monitor-- 7/27/2020

Blog Post created by Olivia Thomas on Aug 3, 2020
Monday Morning Monitor from The National Council for Agricultural Education

July 27, 2020


The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by:

  • Connecting Leaders
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Driving Action


The Council leads the future of school-based agricultural education by:

  • Identifying opportunities and resources

  • Providing a forum for thought and direction

  • Focusing on academic and career success for all students.

Upcoming Events


Upcoming event canceled until further notice!

Past Issues

MMM Submissions

To have information from your ag ed organization included in the Monday Morning Monitor, email Olivia Thomas, NAAE Communications/ Marketing Specialist.


Accept the Challenge 
We know that chapters across the country are serving their communities over the summer months. Share with us what you are doing individually or as a chapter. Find resources to inspire you to act and log your service hours to inspire others. #FFAChallengeAccepted

Judges Needed
Are you interested in serving as a judge for the National Chapter Awards? Sign up now to be a national finalist selection judge. You will score state winning applications online and have a five- to 14-day period to score the applications. Expect to spend six to 10 hours scoring the applications at your convenience during the judging period. Instructions and details, including a video tutorial, will be provided. National finalist selection begins on Aug. 5. Learn more about how to sign up. Email questions to judges@ffa.org.


Resources for Distance Learning
Check out these tips and tricks to make National FFA educator resources more usable at a distance. Pick and choose the resources that match your distance learning needs.


Meet the 2020-21 Teacher Ambassadors for National FFA
We’re excited to welcome our 2020-21 Teacher Ambassadors for National FFA (PDF). This group of educators will work alongside our evaluation, educational development and state relations teams at National FFA to improve our offerings and provide feedback. Feel free to reach out to ambassadors for help with implementing FFA educational resources in the classroom.

FFA Alumni

Forever Blue Network App
Resources and networking at your fingertips! National FFA is excited to announce that the Forever Blue Network is now available as an app on iOS and android devices! From the Apple Store, download the Graduway Community app and type “National FFA Organization” as your institution. From the Google Play Store, download the Forever Blue Network app. Be sure to check out groups and resources specifically for agriculture education teachers!


Agricultural Education For All Learning Sessions:
Join NAAE and the National FFA Organization on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 3:00pm EDT for the session is entitled “Power, Privilege & Practice” and will be presented by Dr. Lori Wright and Dr. Roger Cleveland.

What does it mean to have privilege? How do your social identities (e.g., race, gender, class, religion, sexuality, etc.) grant or deny you privilege? How do you know when you have it and when you don't? How can we use power and privilege to break the cycle of classism, sexism racism etc.? This workshop will explore these questions, offering participants an opportunity to delve deeply into their social identities and explain intersectionality and cognitive dissonance. Participants will begin to uncover sources of bias that have been reinforced by an unrelenting cycle of socialization, develop skills for effective ally ship and learn how implementing even the smallest of steps toward equity, inclusion, and justice can transform an individual into an agent of change in their communities and profession. Click here to register in advance for this session.

Click here to see the rest of the schedule for August.

New CASE Website
The new case4learning.org is ready for use! Here are some tips to improve your experience:

  • Curriculum is web-based, meaning there is no longer a bulk download. However, individual Word doc downloads are still available via Unit - Lesson - Instructional Resources.
  • You will need an account to access your curriculum. If you have ever paid NAAE dues, you probably already have an account. Before creating a new one, try signing in with your current or former email addresses that could be attached to NAAE membership. After you are into your account, feel free to update your profile under Edit Profile on your dashboard.
  • The CASE Store is open for purchasing materials. As you shop, be aware that hitting enter on a page submits your order!

NAAE's Connect Podcast is Now Streaming!
In this episode, listeners can learn more about one of NAAE's newest initiatives called My Local Cooperative. Our host is joined by Mr. Wes Crawford, an NAAE member and agricultural educator from Oregon, and Ms. Nanci Lilja, the President of the CHS Foundation, to discuss the importance of incorporating cooperative education into your curriculum. The episode digs into the three My Local Cooperative Instructional Modules and discusses CHS Foundation resources and tools available to agricultural educators and agricultural education students.

You can listen on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play. Visit our podcast webpage to stream now! 


Communities of Practice Highlights

Vets on Call
Presented by Zoetis, the Veterinarians on Call YouTube channel features real-life vets doing a variety of tasks. In this episode of Vets On Call: Dr. Wilson, veterinarian at Rose Acre Farms in Indiana, examines the flocks in his care by handling some of the birds. “A bird lays an egg every day, we have to maintain their health,” he says. At the farm, he examines the birds’ body condition, bone condition, and fat condition – this at the farm that is second largest egg producer in the U.S. Watch the video here.

Friday Footnotes
Black Blizzards
What is a Black Blizzard? Is it: A snowfall that is black because of air pollution (primarily coal dust). A snowfall so massive the sun is blacked out. A swarm of locust or grasshoppers so thick they block out the sun. An intense dust storm, especially in the dust-bowl area of the U.S. A chocolate ice cream treat from Dairy Queen During the decade… Read more here


Is there a cure for the summertime blues?

*** Friday, July 24, 2020:  The pandemic continues as scientists search for answers, universities make plans and continue research, and a contentious beef ad leads to meaningful dialogue. These and many more ag/science stories in this week’s edition. Friday Notes is the weekly online newsletter from The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology.