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Monday Morning Monitor-- 8/5/2019

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August 5, 2019


The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by:

  • Connecting Leaders
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Driving Action


The Council leads the future of school-based agricultural education by:

  • Identifying opportunities and resources

  • Providing a forum for thought and direction

  • Focusing on academic and career success for all students.

Upcoming Events


September 17
AAAE Western 
Region Conference
Anchorage, AK

September 19
National Teach Ag Day

October 10-12
North Central AAAE Conference
East Lansing, MI

October 30- Nov. 2
National FFA Convention
Indianapolis, IN

December 3-7
NAAE Convention
Anaheim, CA

Past Issues

MMM Submissions

To have information from your ag ed organization included in the Monday Morning Monitor, email Sabrina Shaver, NAAE Communications/Marketing Specialist.


Welcome to the 2019 National Agriscience Teacher Ambassadors
This past week, 18 individuals from across the country traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to participate in the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy. The participants will be facilitating workshops at the National FFA Convention as well as the NAAE Convention. Now a lifelong agriscience ambassador, these individuals completed 45 hours in professional development over the course of the week while learning new ways to integrate and develop inquiry-based learning in their teaching.

Looking to reinvigorate your career?
Apply for the 2019 NAAE XLR8 national cohort.  Applications are due Monday, September 2nd.  The NAAE XLR8 is a year-long professional development program that targets agriculture teachers in their 7th-15th year of teaching. The overall goals of this program are to develop experienced teacher leaders who will mentor other teachers in the profession, provide mid-career level specific professional development to participants as well as increase overall longevity and satisfaction of participants with their chosen career of teaching agriculture. To learn more and to apply, visit this link

Position Announcement:  Membership Coordinator/Program Assistant 
The NAAE Membership Coordinator/Program Assistant will be expected to have strong oral and written communications, leadership, management, and problem-solving skills; ability to work with diverse people and in teams; self-motivation, initiative, and ability to work with limited day-to-day supervision; meticulous attention to detail, organization, and punctuality; strong desire to complete work thoroughly and on time; ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and deadlines; knowledge and skill using personal computers, standard computer software, database software, and office machines. Follow this link for more information and to apply today. 

Instructional Materials Now Available from Growth Energy
Growth Energy, as a special project of the National FFA Foundation, is providing teachers with 15 days of instruction focused on ethanol and renewable fuels. To access these free instructional materials, including the lesson plan, six activities, PowerPoint, and assessment visit NAAE’s Communities of Practice website at this link. 

National Teach Ag Day
The ninth annual National Teach Ag Day celebration will take place on Thursday, September 19, 2019. National Teach Ag Day is designed to encourage others to teach school based agriculture and recognize the important role that agriculture teachers play in our schools and communities.Every year the National Teach Ag Campaign hosts a live webcast event somewhere in the country in conjunction with National Teach Ag Day. This year's live webcast was hosted by BASF in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Follow this link to learn more about the 2019 National Teach Ag Day. 

Communities of Practice Highlights

Vets on Call
Presented by Zoetis, the Veterinarians on Call YouTube channel features real-life vets doing a variety of tasks. Wisconsin is one of the top dairy producing states in the U.S., and Dr. Rob Farruggio is proud to be a part of it, helping to produce fresh milk, ice cream, and cheese. Watch as a veterinarian works to prevent a dairy disease that can infect people. Watch the video here 

Friday Footnotes
When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Verse 2
A few weeks ago the Friday Footnote (7/12/2019) focused on how the GI Bill (officially the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act) enabled World War II veterans to enroll in the Institutional On-Farm Training Program. This was a program where returning veterans took vocational agriculture classes at their local high schools, typically at night. Nearly 700,000 veterans availed themselves of this educational opportunity…Read more 


Register for the Agricultural Business FoundationsBriefCASE during NAAE Convention
Agricultural Business Foundations (ABF) BriefCASE will be offered at NAAE Convention on Tuesday, December 3rd as a pre-conference professional development opportunity. Agricultural Business Foundations is a semester long course that introduces students to business management in agriculture. Throughout the course are practical and engaging activities, projects, and problems to develop and improve business and employability skills. Additionally, students investigate and develop viable business plans in order to solve local problems. Completing the professional development allows teachers to implement this CASE course. The registration fee is $250 and limited seats are available. Register now at this link.


Fellowship Program Accepting Applications
The ACTE Fellowship program is accepting applications for the 2020 class of Fellows!  Please consider taking part in this opportunity for professional development, increased policy knowledge and leadership development!  The Fellowship Program is a one-year commitment from January December 2020.  More information is available  at Applications are due September 15.


National FFA Convention & Expo Housing Reminder
If you have booked housing within the block for the 92nd National FFA Convention & Expo, you have until Monday, Aug. 5, to cancel the reserved room(s) with no penalty. After Aug. 5, any canceled reserved room(s) will incur a one night + tax fee per canceled room. Visit our convention housing webpage for more.  

Calling all WLC Alumni
This year, we celebrate 50 years of the Washington Leadership Conference (or, as some alumni know it, the Washington Conference Program)! You can join the celebration when you"Check In" and tell your Washington Conference story. Spread the word on social media by using #FFAWLC50. In the coming weeks, we will share some exciting news about the future of WLC and how you can connect with your WLC friends. In the meantime, check out this amazing story about one of last year’s WLC participants. 

SAE Video of the Week
Check out Clarke Central FFA sisters Amanda and Elise Ochieng who are working together to create a green space for growing produce at their high school in Athens, Ga. 

2019 Award Finalists Announced
Congratulations to our American StarNational Chapter, agriscience fair and proficiency finalists who will compete at the 92nd National FFA Convention & Expo this fall. Be sure to visit the news section of often to learn more about the finalists and the stories that lead to the arena stage.

A Note from Mark Poeschl
Social media has become a significant part of our lives. Most, if not all of us engage with social media regularly, whether to stay connected to family and friends, keep up on the news, seek assistance for a problem or issue, or to simply be entertained. Some of us are really good at tapping out our thoughts and creating insightful posts as well as responses to posts.  And sometimes, be it in haste, in excitement over the subject matter, or in agitation, we hit “post” on a message that can be misinterpreted or even offensive to some.

I was reminded of that this week when an FFA team member posted a response that a group of teacher educators found to be troubling.  I appreciate the calls and messages that called this out.  I regret when something like this happens and sincerely apologize on behalf of National FFA. I hope it’s clear that the personal opinions of a single employee don’t represent the views and positions of FFA as a whole.  I also believe that our employee meant no offense nor any harm.  Let me just say that I firmly believe that agricultural education is at the very heart of our profession. FFA doesn’t exist without classroom agricultural education, and I trust that my friends at AAAE and NAAE are firmly aware of my commitment to our profession. And we don’t have engaging classroom instruction unless teacher educators are preparing the next generation of classroom teachers.  Teacher educators and classroom instructors, you are our friends and our partners, and we commend you for your efforts on behalf of the entire profession.  We know that you are committed to the success of students, including those that are preparing to teach agriculture, and I, on behalf of everyone at FFA, thank you for your efforts!

FFA Alumni

Regional Development Conferences
Don't miss a free, hands-on training opportunity for FFA Alumni members, state leaders, advisors or anyone interested in starting or developing an alumni and supporters chapter! Registration for RDCs in New Jersey, Alabama and Oregon are now open and registration for the RDC in Tennessee will open tonight at 6 p.m.! For more information and to register, visit  


Grant Application Deadline Approaching 
The last round of National FFA Alumni and Supporters 2019 grant applications are due Sept. 3! Grant applications are available at Legacy grants, sponsored by Tractor Supply Company, give groups up to $500 to start or improve FFA Alumni and Supporters chapters and up to $1,000 to work with students on a partnering project. Give Back to Your Roots grants, sponsored by Nutrien Ag Solutions, give chapters up to $5,000 to help fund student affiliation fees, plant science based projects and other classroom materials.



A British farmer uses “madness” and cute animals to go viral on TikTok.

Friday, August 2, 2019: Trade, USDA payments, and ag/science innovation in the news—along with a TikTok farmer, a tweeting tree, and a disturbing survey about your food deliveries. These and many more ag/science stories in this week’s edition. 

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