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Monday Morning Monitor -- 6/30/14

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June 30, 2014

The National Council for Agricultural Education


To be the collective leadership voice for Agricultural Education in the United States.


The mission of The National Council for Agricultural Education is to establish high quality agricultural education programs in America?s schools by stimulating:

  • the preparation, retention, and advancement of high quality agricultural educators; the development of programs that prepare students for academic and career success;
  • program innovation and adaptability in response to changing student and industry needs;
  • the use of research-based practices in agricultural education programs at all levels; and
  • expanded opportunities for students to experience high quality educational programs in agriculture.

Upcoming Events

July 9-12
National FFA Alumni Development Conference
Grand Rapids, MI

September 23-25, 2014
Western Region AAAE
Kona, Hawaii

September 25
National Teach Ag Day
Inver Grove Heights, MN

October 9-11, 2014
Central Region AAAE
Morgantown, WV

Past Issues

June 23
June 16
June 9
June 2
May 19

Quote for the Week

"Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but aslo capable of succeeding."
-Robert John Meehan

MMM Submissions

To have information from your ag ed organization included in the Monday Morning Monitor, email
Julie Fritsch , NAAE Communications/Marketing Coordinator.

The Council

News from SAE Renewal Taskforce
Assist the SAE Renewal Taskforce in gathering information to help redefine SAE in agricultural education by providing your input on the SAE Renewal Question for the Profession. Each Monday, we will post a question for the profession to respond to.  The SAE Renewal Taskforce will use these questions as a way to gather information so they can work to strengthen SAEs.  This week?s question is ?How do you brand SAE to parents and students?? Go to this link to leave your comments.

Learn How the US Dairy Industry is Working to Become More Sustainable
The Innovation Center for US Dairy recently released its third annual report to update stakeholders on their progress toward reaching their Sustainability Commitment. Through this shared commitment, the U.S. dairy industry works together pre-competitively to provide consumers with the nutritious dairy products they want, in a way that makes the industry, people and planet economically, environmentally and socially better. - See more here.

Facts About Beef
The Beef Checkoff has funded a website called Facts About Beef, which was created to help educate people about beef production and provide a source of information for the general public to explore answers to questions they may have about the industry. To learn more and use this as a resource for your students click here.

Small farms making big impact in US agriculture (from Yahoo News)
In the land of industrial-scale agriculture, "truck farming" -- small-scale fresh fruit and vegetable production -- is booming, encouraged by the rising consumer interest in food grown locally, an industry worth $7 billion. The country has 8,100 farmers' markets, and nearly 150,000 farmers and ranchers sell their products directly to consumers. Some 44 percent of schools have links to local farms for student meals. This rise in potential for small farms creates new opportunities for agricultural education students who are interested in entrepreneurial farming pursuits but may not have access to large land holdings. To see the full article click here.
Another answer for some with a strong interest in farming and agribusiness but not access to large amounts of land or capital may be hobby farming. These farmers use agricultural production as a supplement to their incomes and a way to sustain an agricultural and rural lifestyle for their families. The rise of new and unique local markets has made this a possibility for many families as well. To see how this has impacted one area of Idaho click here.

U.S. agriculture saw double-digit growth in 2013 (from The Columbus Dispatch)
Agriculture is a small part of the U.S. economy, but last year, it was the best part. The output of the agriculture sector grew 16.4 percent after inflation last year, the fastest rise for the sector since at least 1998 and far faster than any other part of the economy. To see the full article click here.


National Officer Nominating Committee
Know someone who would make a good Nominating Committee representative? Submit them to FFA by August 1 for consideration.Simply fill out this Nominating Committee Potential Representative form.

* The following states are not accepting nominations to prevent consecutive years of representation: FL, NV, MA, CO, NE, TX, SD, DE, and AR. down for maintenance July 1 ? 7
From the morning of Tuesday, July 1, until Monday, July 7, will be unavailable in order to move the website?s servers from Virginia to Indianapolis. To learn more, visit here.

National FFA Talent Competition ? It?s Back!
In 2014, National FFA Talent will again host the National FFA Talent Competition! Can you sing, dance, play an instrument or throw around a mean yo-yo? We want your talent! Not only will talent members provide entertainment and musical skills on the talent stage during sessions and at banquets and events, they will also compete to be named the 2014 National FFA Talent Competition Winner. Apply today! More details about National FFA Talent can be found here.

Be a part of the 2014 National FFA Band and Chorus!
National FFA Band and Chorus members have claimed some of the best seats in sessions 1- 9 at the National FFA Convention & Expo for more than 60 years. Submit your application to audition and perhaps claim your seat on stage! Applications are now available for members interested in sharing their musical gifts along with 150+ other FFA members from across the country. More details about National FFA Band  and Chorus are available in the following links: BAND orCHORUS.

FFA Alumni

The National FFA Alumni Association is thrilled to announce the Yamaha Viking Giveaway! Yamaha has donated a brand new Viking ATV to be given away to a lucky FFA alumni member. Members and?or new members just need to make sure they are entered by Oct. 1. It is simple to enter: Make sure your FFA Alumni membership is current and then complete your AgCN profile. To be eligible for this drawing you must fill out the complete AgCN profile, which is name, mailing address, email address, date of birth and year graduated from high school. Good luck!


Friday, June 27, 2014: Ag Innovation as a key to feeding the world, legislative proposals that affect ag, and chocolate fried chicken--plus the usual links, opinions, student happenings, oddities, and ag news.

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology's (CAST) weekly online newsletter, Friday Notes, is available free due to a grant from WinField (a Land O?Lakes company).


NAAE Convention Early Bird Registration Ends July 7th!
The 2014 NAAE Convention schedule and the ACTE CareerTech VISION 2014 schedule are being planned so NAAE members may attend sessions at both meetings. NAAE members will pay one registration fee and have full access to both conferences. Click here for more information and to register.

Farmer to Farmer Program
Volunteer to work in east Africa through the Farmer-to-Farmer project ? a new NAAE partnership with CRS. Choose from one of their available assignments or register and indicate your strengths to be contacted for an assignment.

This new five-year program promoting sustainable economic growth, food security and agricultural development in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania sends U.S. volunteers with agricultural expertise to share skills and help build capacity for African farmers through short-term training and technical assistance projects. Agricultural educators are needed. Click here to learn how you can help!

Join the OAR Northwest Mississippi River Adventure
OAR Northwest, a team of scientists, adventurers, and educators, will row down the Mississippi River, from its beginnings in Minnesota to the mouth in the Louisiana delta. Along the way, they'll document their journey through the largest watershed in our country. The crew will work with students and teachers to deliver real time data and information through social media and webcasts.

OAR Northwest would like to invite your school to join the adventure.  Their online program is free to anyone with an internet connection, and will include access to the rowers via emails and twice monthly webinars, for the duration of the expedition. For 30 schools (3 in each state close to the Mississippi River) OAR Northwest would like to supplement the journey with an in-person visit to your school, at no added cost. Lessons will be provided for teachers by their staff of educators.  Students from elementary to high school are invited to be part of the journey. What a great opportunity for our students to interact with the adventurers/scientists! Click here to learn how you can participate!

Community of Practice Highlights

US Department of Education

Social Media Tips for Educators: Building Capacity Among Your Staff
Our latest tip sheet goes into detail about how some state and local districts are solving their capacity challenges. Sharing content creation, sharing duties across offices, and creating brand ambassadors are just some of the innovative ways different districts are working to reach out to constituents via social media. Click here to read more.