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FFA Alumni Development Live Online, NAAE Job Protection Benefits, Best App Award

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Your weekly update from the National Council for Agricultural Education.

Your weekly update from the National Council for Agricultural Education

From FFA Alumni

Can’t make it to the FFA Alumni Development Conference… don’t feel left out, Watch and Listen to the Live broadcast of the FFA Alumni Development Conference Workshops. July 12-14, workshops, keynotes and much more will broadcasted and archived for your continued learning pleasure. Details can be found on the FFA Alumniwebsite. We are using the same technology that’s broadcasting FFA Conventions live from coast-to-coast, check out www.ihigh.com/ffa.
Congratulations to Jasper Cunningham, FFA Alumni member from Michigan who won the FFA Alumni Twitter Background Design Contest. Jasper’s design is featured on the FFA Alumni Twitter page, check it out and follow us today.
Webinar and Resources for Engaging Non-Traditional FFA Alumni Members
We have thousands of former FFA members and FFA Alumni members who are not connected at a local level. They are not engaged with local FFA Alumni affiliates or may not live in an area with any FFA chapters. How do we engage FFA Alumni who just join at a state level? How do we engage individuals who live in communities not currently home to an FFA chapter? How do we engage business and industry in FFA Alumni? Learn how a few non-traditional FFA Alumni affiliates are reaching out and finding creative ways to engage supporters of FFA and agricultural education in the FFA Alumni!
Last year, there were 53,358 people who attended the National FFA Convention…imagine that they all saw a photo of you. Because, now, they can! Visit this link to find out how you can be featured in the theme video.


Where Will You be TAGGED to Teach Ag? Photo Contest
The National Teach Ag Campaign wants to know Where will you be Tagged to Teach Ag?  To participate download and print our Tagged to Teach Ag sign.  Then take the sign with you wherever you go.  Take pictures of yourself with the sign and submit one or two of your favorite photos to our Teach Ag Tumblr. Details
Communities of Practice - communities.naae.org. Check out some recent posts:

NAAE Member Benefit - Professional Liability Coverage and Optional Job Protection Benefits
As a NAAE member, you probably know that your membership gives you $100,000 professional liability insurance, but did you know that for an additional fee, you can upgrade that insurance to include job protection benefits? These additional benefits provide legal support if you're ever subject to termination, reassignment, demotion or suspension. However, if you don't upgrade you aren't covered for these instances. Learn more about what your professional liability insurance does and doesn't cover, and how to upgrade at www.ftj.com/NAAE
Teach Ag Survey - Agricultural Education Teacher Educators: Please participate in a brief professional survey that will be a valuable tool in providing important data on the perceived agriculture teacher shortage.  Your responses are extremely important to the profession.  Please have one person from each Ag Ed institution complete the survey by July 16th.  http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/927010/Ag-Ed-Degree-Institution-Student-Data-May-2012 Contact Ellen Thompson, National Teach Ag Campaign Coordinator if you have questions or need assistance.

CAST Friday Notes

This week’s newsletter includes stories about genetically modified ag products, communicating with beltway politicians about agriculture, and a link to the popular new video from the Kansas farm boys—I’m Growin’ and I Know It.The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology's (CAST) weekly online newsletter, Friday Notes, is available due to a grant from Winfield Solutions (a Land O’Lakes company).  Instructors of agriculture have access to the wide range of material from CAST, and they may forward the information to students for educational use with no strings attached.Click here to access the most recent edition of CASTFriday Notes.

From FFA

FFA Agricultural Career Network
FFA will work in collaboration with Career Cruising and AgCareers.com to provide valuable tools and career resources to students. Learn more


2012 ACTE/NCLA Best Practices and Innovations Conference
Registration (print form) is now open for the 2012 ACTE/NCLA Best Practices and Innovations in Career and Technical Education Conference! Early-bird registration ends Sept. 7, so register soon to take advantage of the reduced rate!
View the tentative agenda.


CASE Summer Institutes - Still a Few Openings Left
There are still a few open seats for some upcoming CASE institutes. If you're interested in attending, click the link for the appropriate institute, or email questions to Miranda Chaplin at mchaplin.naae@uky.edu.
Principles of Agricultural Science – AnimalAnimal and Plant Biotechnology (field test only)



Strengthening American Agriculture
American agriculture is a bright spot in our nation's economy. Learn more about USDA's accomplishments in Agriculture Production from this fact sheet which documents some of our most significant accomplishments of the past three years. To read about more of our results, visit www.usda.gov/results.

Ask Karen Mobile App Recognized as Best Federal App
Mobile Ask Karen makes food safety tips available whenever and wherever you need them. Learn more